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View of Slater Street from Elgin Street looking West.

Slater Street (Ottawa Road #40) is one of the main east-west roads in downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Slater is one way going east. It carries the eastbound portion of the Transitway through downtown, with Albert Street just to the north carrying the westbound portion. Previously, it was planned that O-Train would have been extended to downtown with its eastbound tracks running along Slater.

Slater Street begins east of Booth Street where Albert Street splits into the separate Albert and Slater one-way streets. Slater ascends a hill, the top of which is an intersection at Bronson Avenue. As the street passes the former Ottawa Technical High School, it proceeds towards through the downtown core which is lined mainly by government and commercial office towers. Slater ends at Elgin Street, where through traffic merges with Albert Street and continues into the two-way Mackenzie King Bridge.


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