Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007

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Eurovision Song Contest 2007
Country Slovenia
National selection
Selection processEMA 2007
Selection date(s)Semi-finals
1 February 2007
2 February 2007
3 February 2007
Selected entrantAlenka Gotar
Selected song"Cvet z juga"
Finals performance
Semi-final resultQualified (7th, 140 points)
Final result15th, 66 points
Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Slovenia selected their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 on 3 February 2007 using EMA 2007. After two semi-finals, a final, and a superfinal, Slovenia chose Alenka Gotar to fly the flag in Helsinki with the song "Cvet z juga". The song is written and composed by Andrej Babić and Aleksandra Valenčić.

Prior to the contest, Alenka visited Spain's national selection along with six other Eurovision hopefuls. It has been confirmed by Alenka that the song will in fact be sung Slovene for the performance in Eurovision. The song qualified from the semi-finals, finishing in seventh place with 140 points. In the final, Gotar finished in fifteenth position with 66 points.

EMA 2007[edit]

For the full results, see the main article: EMA 2007.

In late 2006 RTV SLO open a call for songs to participate in the Slovenian selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2007; EMA 2007. 91 submit an application to participate. Jury members chosen final 23 songs and 2 back-up songs. In EMA 2007 participated also Eva Čeren, winner of RTV SLO talent show Bitka Talentov (Battle of talents). She was automatically qualified.

Twenty-four songs were split up between two semifinal groups. The first semifinal group performed on 1 February 2007 and second semifinal group performed on 2 February 2007. At the end of transmissions are viewers asked to vote by fixed phones and mobile phones via 900 number. Fifteen minutes after the lines closed. Presenters hold 7 empeloves, each holding a song title of a finalist.

On 3 February 2007 held EMA 2007 - Izbor (Eurovision Melody 2007 - The Finale). Fourteen qualifiers from semifinals performed. The winner was chosen trogh two rounds of public voting; in first round were 12 eliminated. Alenka Gotar with song "Cvet z juga" won over Eva Černe's song "Čudeži Smehljaja".


Draw Singer Song Televote Place
1 Alya "Vizija" 3971 12
2 Zlati Muzikanti "Pepelka" 6141 8
3 Dean Vivod & Tonus Kitaris "Hitmejker" 6500 7
4 Nude "Element L" 9136 5
5 Sebastian "Naj svet zakrici" 5567 9
6 Denis "Nor sem nate" 3806 13
7 Don Corleone "Bella mia" 10596 3
8 Tadeja Fatur "Drugacna (pesem)" 1791 14
9 Zablujena Generacija "Kdo hoce plesati z menoj" 9953 4
10 Žana "Druga violina" 7804 6
11 Alenka Gotar "Cvet z juga" 20123 2
12 Steffy & Donald Trumpet "Zadel si me v živo" 5193 10
13 Martin Perovic "Zadeni me" 4467 11
14 Eva Cerne "Čudeži Smehljaja" 20509 1


Draw Singer Song Televote Place
1 Alenka Gotar "Cvet z juga" 44636 (59%) 1
2 Eva Cerne "Čudeži Smehljaja" 31324 (41%) 2

At Eurovision[edit]

As Slovenia failed to qualify from the semi-final for the third time in a row, Alenka had to compete in the semi-final on 10 May.Slovenia performed 25th, following Belgium and preceding the Turkey.Country qualified to the final, placing 7th in the semi-final and scoring 140 points. In the final she performed 7th, following Macedonia and preceding the Hungary scored 66 points, which placed then at 15th.

Points Awarded to Slovenia[edit]

Points Awarded to Slovenia (Semi-Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point
Points Awarded to Slovenia (Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

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