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Slovenian Naval Detachment
Slovenska Mornarica
Sign of Slovenian Army.svg
Emblem of the Slovenian Armed Forces
Country Slovenia
TypeCoastal defense force
RoleDefending the sovereignty of the Slovenian seas
Part ofSlovenian Armed Forces
Command HQSlovenski pomorščaki Ankaran
MarchMarch of the Slovenian Navy
Equipment2 vessels
EngagementsOperation Atalanta

Operation Mare Nostrum

Operation Sophia
Naval ensignFlag of Slovenia.svg
Naval jack[1]Naval jack of Slovenia.svg

The Slovenian Navy is not a separate service, but an integral part of the Slovenian Armed Forces. The only Slovenian naval unit is the 430th Naval Section (430. mornariški divizion).


The Slovenian navy was built from scratch following independence in 1991, as the Territorial Defense Forces of Slovenia had not been equipped with any maritime assets. No significant action of the Ten-Day War occurred at sea.

In 1991, a small diving detachment was formed in Ankaran, equipped with sport-diving equipment because of the UN arms embargo against the former Yugoslav republics. After the embargo was lifted in 1996, Slovenia purchased a single Israeli-built IAI-Ramta Super Dvora Mk2-class patrol boat, which was named Ankaran after the coastal town. In 2008, the Ministry of Defense announced that Slovenia would procure one Russian Project 10412 patrol boat, offered in payment of a multimillion-dollar debt owed to Slovenia.[2] The vessel was subsequently named Triglav, after the mountain and national symbol. Specially equipped for Slovenian needs, it is optimized for a patrol role and lacks the anti-ship missiles of the version in service with the Russian Navy,[3] instead mounting two Rigid-hulled inflatable boat. In June and August 2015 both ships underwent overhaul in Trieste shipyard.


Name Class Photo Origin Type Version Number Notes
Ankaran Super Dvora Mk II HPL-21 Ankaran.jpg  Israel Patrol boat Standard 1
Triglav Project 10412 Triglavship.jpg  Russia Patrol ship Export version 1


The Slovenian patrol ship Triglav was sent to east Sicily in late 2013 to assist Italy with migrants from North Africa, as a part of Operation Mare Nostrum.[4] In October 2015, Triglav was sent to southern Italy as a part of the European Union's Operation Sophia.


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