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Smoking in Hungary is viewed as an important public health issue. Several studies have shown that smoking of tobacco[1] or narcotics (e.g. cannabis) have different negative impacts on the society. (Vide Health effects of tobacco, Effects of cannabis) That is why this topic has come into discussion in different political, economical, scientific and medical forums.


According to the World Health Organization 28.2% of the population were regularly smokers out of people aged 15 or above.[2]


It has been forbidden to smoke in 5 meter radius from the entrance of primary schools, secondary schools, universities, dormitories and other higher education institutions.[3] Furthermore, it is not allowed to smoke in public transport, pubs, bars, restaurants and in national institutions.

It is also forbidden for children under the age of 18 to buy cigarettes.

The sale of tobacco is limited to state-controlled (but privately owned) tobacco shops called Nemzeti Dohánybolt (National Tobacco Shop).


In 2013 the World Health Organization awarded Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in "accomplishments in the area of tobacco control".

Tobacco factories[edit]

In Hungary several types of cigarettes can be found. The three big tobacco companies in Hungary have producing facilities in the country.

Name Owner Founded Famous products Location Website
Róna Dohányfeldolgozó Kft.[4] Landewyck Tobacco
1867 Debrecen,
Pécsi Dohánygyár
(Tobacco Factory Pécs)[5]
British American Tobacco
1912 Pall Mall
Lucky Strike
Peter Stuyvesant
Continental Dohányipari Zrt.[6] Continental Dohányipari Csoport
1891 Sátoraljaújhely,

There are also many import products on the market.

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