Social Liberal Group (Estonia)

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Social Liberal Group was formed on 8 May 2004 and ended 10 May 2005, from the formal Centrists who left the Estonian Centre Party. The social-liberals had only a group status, not even a fraction or a party status.

Social-liberals had three seats in Parliament. In Riigikogu they had a vice chairman chair, Peeter Kreitzberg. The group members had a different ideology, so it was likely that the group would split up to other parties. On 31 March they made an agreement with Estonian Socialdemocratic Party. This agreement declared their co-operation in parliament and in local council election in 2005.

On 4 April 2005, Olev Laanjärv returned to the Centre Faction. On 10 May 2005 Peeter Kreitzberg and Sven Mikser joined with ESDP, Robert Lepikson joined with People's Union and Harri Õunapuu joined with Reform Party. On 22 November 2005 Jaanus Marrandi joined with People's Union. On 27 November 2005, Mark Soosaar joined with ESDP.

Members of Parliament (independents after 22 November)[edit]