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Socket 604
Syn 8.jpg
Chip form factorspin grid array
ProcessorsIntel Xeon
PredecessorSocket 603
SuccessorLGA 771

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Socket 604 is a 604-pin microprocessor socket designed to interface an Intel's Xeon processor to the rest of the computer. It provides both an electrical interface as well as physical support. This socket is designed to support a heatsink.

Technical specifications[edit]

Socket 604 was designed by Intel as a zero insertion force socket intended for workstations and server platforms. While the socket contains 604 pins, it only has 603 electrical contacts, the last being a dummy pin.[1] Each contact has a 1.27mm pitch with regular pin array, to mate with a 604-pin processor package.

Socket 604 processors utilize a bus speed of either 400, 533, 667, 800, or 1066 MHz and were manufactured in either a 130, 90, 65 or 45 nm process. Socket 604 processors cannot be inserted into Socket 603 designed motherboards due to one additional pin being present, but Socket 603 processors can be inserted into Socket 604 designed motherboards, since the extra pin slot does not do anything for a 603 CPU.

Socket 604 processors range from 1.60 GHz through 3.80 GHz, with the higher clock rates only found among older, slower NetBurst-based Xeons.

The following Intel Xeon chipsets used Socket 604:

  • Intel E7205
  • Intel E7210 Canterwood-ES [2] [3]
  • Intel 7300
  • Intel E7320
  • Intel E7500
  • Intel E7501
  • Intel E7505
  • Intel E7520
  • Intel E7525

Late Socket 604 "revivals":

  • Intel Xeon 7300 (Quadcore Core2-based "Xeon Tigerton" since September 6, 2007)
  • Intel Xeon 7400 (Quad-/Hexacore Penryn-based "Xeon Dunnington" since September 15, 2008).

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