Sorbus pseudovilmorinii

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Sorbus pseudovilmorinii
Sorbus Pseudovilmorinii (2967009116).jpg
S. pseudovilmorinii berries
Scientific classification
S. pseudovilmorinii
Binomial name
Sorbus pseudovilmorinii

Sorbus pseudovilmorinii is a variable deciduous flowering tree.[1]


  • Height: Ultimate height of 4 meters[1] to 7.5 meters.[2]
  • Leaves: Pinnate, with a fern-like appearance.[1]
  • Flowers: White.[1]
  • Fruit: Variable, often crimson in color, becoming white or white with crimson flecks as it reaches maturity,[1][2] typically by October.[1]

Range and Distribution[edit]

Native to northern Vietnam,[1][2] Tibet,[1] and western China,[1][2] including Yunnan province,[1][2][3] from whence the most attractive specimens can be found.[1]


S. pseudovilmorinii is the parent of several Sorbus hybrids.[1]


Grows in mountains, forest scrub,[2] or coniferous or mixed forests.[1]

Prefers a sunny or partially shaded site with free-draining soil. Dislikes heavy clay soils.[1]


Sorbus is the ancient Latin name for the fruit of the service tree, Sorbus. ‘Service’ and ‘Sorbus’ are cognates.[4]

Pseudovilmorinii means ‘false vilmorinii’.[4]


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