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All-Ukrainian Agrarian Association "Spade"

Всеукраїнський аграрний об'єднання "заступ"
LeaderVira Ulianchenko
Founded4 May 2011
Verkhovna Rada
1 / 450

All-Ukrainian Agrarian Association "Spade" (Ukrainian: Заступ, Zastup) is a Ukrainian political party registered on 4 May 2011.[2]

Its name is an obsolete form that means "spade".[2] Zastup is also a portmanteau standing for Za Sotsialnu Trudovu Ukrainsku Perspektyvu, meaning For Social Laborious Ukrainian Perspective. The party's former name was "People's Initiative" (Ukrainian: Народна ініціатива).[2][3] The party is led by Vira Ulianchenko, who is a former head of Ukraine's Presidential Administration.[2][4]

It participated in the 2014 election to the Verkhovna Rada.[2][5] The party won one seat when its unaffiliated candidate Valeriy Davydenko won in the 208th single-member constituency located in Bakhmach.[6] He won with 38.86% of the vote.[6] Davydenko later joined the parliamentary faction of Petro Poroshenko Bloc.[7] Davydenko was re-elected, after again a win in the 208th constituency (with 37,43% of the vote) but this time as an independent candidate, in the 2019 Ukrainian parliamentary election.[8]

Election results[edit]

Verkhovna Rada[edit]

Election year # of
constituency votes
# of
party list votes
% of
party list votes
# of
overall seats won
2014 417,396 2.65
1 / 450


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