Spanish Army Airmobile Force

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Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra.
Spanish Army Airmobile Force
Coat of Arms of the FAMET.svg
Coat of arms of the FAMET
BranchSpanish Army
TypeArmy aviation branch
RoleBattlefield support, battlefield transport and reconnaissance
Size5 battalions
104 aircraft[1]
Garrison/HQHQ - Colmenar Viejo - Madrid
Bétera (Valencia),
Agoncillo (La Rioja) (La Rioja),
Almagro (Ciudad Real),
Dos Hermanas (Sevilla),
San Cristóbal de La Laguna (Santa Cruz de Tenerife),
Detachment in Melilla.
Motto(s)Sicut in coelo et in terra
As well in the sky as in the ground
EngagementsIfni War (1957)
RoundelRoundel of Spain.svg
Fin FlashFin Flash of Spain.svg
Pilot WingsBadge of the FAMET.svg
GuidonGuidon of the FAMET.svg
Aircraft flown
AttackBO-105, UH-1H, Tigre
PatrolEurocopter Cougar
ReconnaissanceEurocopter Cougar, Bell 212
TrainerEurocopter EC 135
TransportEurocopter Super Puma, Eurocopter Cougar, CH-47 Chinook, UH-1H
Spanish Eurocopter Tigre at Paris Air Show 2007
Spanish CH-47D Chinook with the new color scheme during a Special Operations exhibition in Santander

The Army Airmobile Force (Spanish: Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra, FAMET) is the army aviation branch of the Spanish Army. An Independent Army Aviation force was formed in 1965 as Aviación Ligera del Ejército de Tierra (Army Light Air Force) and renamed FAMET in 1973.


Order of Battle[edit]

Almagro (LEAO)
Aircraft Type Codes Coat of Arms
BHELA I Eurocopter Tigre HA.28 Coat of Arms of the 1st Attack Helicopter Battalion.svg
Bétera/Valencia (LEBT)
Aircraft Type Codes Coat of Arms
BHELEME II Eurocopter Super Puma
Eurocopter Cougar
Coat of Arms of the 2nd Emergency Helicopter Battalion.svg
Agoncillo/Logroño (LELO)
Aircraft Type Codes Coat of Arms
BHELMA III Eurocopter Cougar
Coat of Arms of the 3rd Maneuver Helicopter Battalion.svg
Sevilla/El Copero (LEEC)
Aircraft Type Codes Coat of Arms
BHELMA IV Eurocopter Super Puma HT.21 Coat of Arms of the 4th Maneuver Helicopter Battalion.svg
CH-47 Chinook helicopter
Colmenar Viejo (LECV)
Aircraft Type Codes Coat of Arms
BHELTRA V CH-47 Chinook HT.17 Coat of Arms of the 5th Transport Helicopter Battalion.svg
BTRANS/ FAMET HQ Eurocopter Super Puma AS-332VIP,AS-532L, AS-532AL HT.21HT.27,HT.28 Coat of Arms of the FAMET Headquarters Battalion.svg
CEFAMET Eurocopter EC 135 HE.26 Coat of Arms of the Spanish Army Helicopters Training Center.svg
PCMHEL Eurocopter Super Puma Coat of Arms of the PCMHEL.svg
Los Rodeos - Tenerife
Aircraft Type Codes Coat of Arms
BHELMA VI Agusta-Bell 212 HU.18 Coat of Arms of the 6th Maneuver Helicopter Battalion.svg


Type Origin Class Role Introduced In service Total Notes
Agusta-Bell 212 Italy Rotorcraft Utility 6 [1]
Boeing CH-47D Chinook USA Rotorcraft Transport 17 [1] To be upgraded to the CH-47F variant in 2019.[3]
Eurocopter AS332B1 Super Puma France Rotorcraft Transport 16 [1]
Eurocopter AS532UL Cougar France Rotorcraft Transport 17 [1]
Eurocopter EC-135 Germany Rotorcraft Trainer/utility 16 [1]
Eurocopter Tigre France/Germany/Spain Rotorcraft Attack 20 4 on order
NHI NH90 France/Germany Rotorcraft Transport 8 37 on order


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