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Map of Tayabas City in Quezon Province.

The Spanish colonial bridges in Tayabas are bridges built during the Spanish-colonial era in Tayabas, Quezon. The city government of Tayabas declared eleven bridges in the city as Historical bridges of Tayabas for protection purposes.[1] These are the bridges of Alitao, Isabel II, Urbiztondo, Don Francisco de Asis, Bai, Despedidas, Ese, Princesa, Malagonlong, Lakawan and Mate. In 2011, ten bridges in Tayabas was declared as National Cultural Treasure under the Historic Bridges of Tayabas.[2] The declared national cultural treasures under the list are the bridges of Alitao, Isabel II, Don Francisco de Asis, Gibanga, Malagonlong, Lakawan, Mate, Ese, Despedida, Tumuloy and Princesa.

Tayabas Historic Bridges[edit]

The Tayabas Historic Bridges is a group of existing Spanish-colonial era bridges in Tayabas, Quezon declared by the National Museum of the Philippines as a National Cultural Treasure on August 12, 2011.[2]

  Also declared as a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines
Image Bridge Location Coordinates Description
Puente de Alitao Tayabas.JPG Puente de Alitao Alitao River, Poblacion 14°01′34″N 121°35′25″E / 14.025978°N 121.5902710°E / 14.025978; 121.5902710 A two arched adobe bridge built in 1793 by Don Diego Urbano. It is the earliest surviving colonial bridge in Tayabas.
Puete de Reina Isabel II Tayabas.JPG Puente de Reina Isabel II Iyam River, Brgy. Baguio 14°00′36″N 121°34′52″E / 14.0098667°N 121.5810471°E / 14.0098667; 121.5810471 The bridge was constructed under the term of Gobernador Don Jose Maria de la O in March 15, 1852. It was finished in July 16, 1853 and was dedicated to Queen Isabel II of Spain.
Puente de San Francisco de Asis Tayabas.JPG Puente de San Francisco de Asís Domoit River, Brgy. Domoit 13°58′06″N 121°32′56″E / 13.9683743°N 121.5487747°E / 13.9683743; 121.5487747 Built in 1854
Puente de Gibanga Brgy. Gibanga
Malagonlong Bridge.jpg Puente de Malogonlong Dumacaa River, Brgy Matuena 14°00′47″N 121°37′01″E / 14.012940°N 121.616844°E / 14.012940; 121.616844 The longest Spanish colonial era bridge in the Philippines built by Franciscan Fr. Antonio Mateos from 1841 to 1850
Puente de Lacawan Tayabas.JPG Puente de Lakawan Lakawan River, Brgy. Lakawan 14°00′29″N 121°01′42″E / 14.0079422°N 121.0282916°E / 14.0079422; 121.0282916
Puente de Mate Tayabas.JPG Puente de Mate Mate River, Brgy. Mate 14°00′18″N 121°38′02″E / 14.004889°N 121.6338916°E / 14.004889; 121.6338916
Puenete de la Ese Tayabas.JPG Puente de la Ese Ibiyang Munti, Brgy. Camaysao 14°02′12″N 121°35′01″E / 14.0367393°N 121.5836258°E / 14.0367393; 121.5836258
Puente de las Despedidas Tayabas.JPG Puente de las Despedidas Malaking Ibiya, Brgy. Lalo 14°05′10″N 121°34′16″E / 14.086231°N 121.5710144°E / 14.086231; 121.5710144
Puente de Tumuloy
Puente de la Princesa Tayabas.JPG Puente de la Princesa Ilayang Dumacaa (Upper Dumacaa), Brgy. Matuena 14°03′55″N 121°34′20″E / 14.0652971°N 121.5722885°E / 14.0652971; 121.5722885

Other Spanish-colonial era bridges[edit]

Besides the declaration of the National Museum on National Cultural Treasures and the city government of Tayabas on historic bridges, all Spanish colonial era bridges are declared cultural properties (part of the Philippine Registry of Cultural Property) under the National Cultural Heritage Act.

  Part of the declared historic bridges by the city government of Tayabas
Image Bridge Location Coordinates Description
Puente de Baawin Tayabas.JPG Puente de Baawin 136.55 Kilometer Post 14°01′15″N 121°35′14″E / 14.02075°N 121.5871°E / 14.02075; 121.5871
Puente de Baguio Tayabas.JPG Puente de Baguio Brgy. Baguio 14°00′57″N 121°35′05″E / 14.0159588°N 121.5848236°E / 14.0159588; 121.5848236
Puente de Bai Tayabas.JPG Puente de Bai Bai Creek, Brgy. Dapdap 14°03′46″N 121°33′25″E / 14.0627460°N 121.5569458°E / 14.0627460; 121.5569458
Puente de Calumpang Tayabas.JPG Puente de Calumpang Tayabas-Sariaya Provincial Road, Brgy. Calumpang 13°59′09″N 121°33′48″E / 13.9858918°N 121.5633163°E / 13.9858918; 121.5633163
Puentecito de Malao-a Tayabas.JPG Puentecito de Malao-a Brgy. Malao-a 14°00′28″N 121°34′42″E / 14.0079107°N 121.5783768°E / 14.0079107; 121.5783768
Puentecito de Putol Tayabas.JPG Puentecito de Putol Brgy. Putol 13°59′51″N 121°34′16″E / 13.9975562°N 121.5711060°E / 13.9975562; 121.5711060
Puente de Ubli Tayabas.JPG Puente de Ubli 14°01′20″N 121°35′16″E / 14.02217°N 121.58778°E / 14.02217; 121.58778
Puente de Urbiztondo Tayabas.JPG Puente de Urbiztondo Malao-a River, Barangay Malao-a 14°00′20″N 121°34′52″E / 14.0054207°N 121.5810471°E / 14.0054207; 121.5810471 Built in 1854


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