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Filter hits:2,689 hits
Statistics:Of the last 280 actions, this filter has matched 0 (0.00%). On average, its run time is 0.15 ms, and it consumes 2 conditions of the condition limit.
!("confirmed" in user_groups) & page_namespace == 0 & ( bad_word := "(?i)\bass\s?holes?\b|bitch(?!\"? magazine)|\bcock(?:s?|sucker)\b|\bdick(?:sucker|head)?s?\b|cuck(?:|s|er|ing)\b|\bcunts?\b|\bdildo|douche|f(?:u|v)ck|nigg(?:er|ah*)|p(?:a|e|ae)do(?:f|ph)il|fag(?:g[aio]t)?\b|penis(?!tone)|\bcrap(?:py)?\b|\bslut\b|whore|\b(?:horse|dog)?shits?\b|\bblah\b|\bpuss(?!ycat|y Riot)a?y|\bidiot\b|(?<!\bit )(?<!\bthat )\bwas here\b|\blol\b|(?:[asdfghjkl;]\s*){30}|\!{10,}"; match := get_matches(bad_word, summary); match[0] & !(match[0] in old_wikitext) )
Filter last modified:01:10, 6 April 2019 by Suffusion of Yellow (talk | contribs)
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