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Dylan Tauber
BornSeattle, Washington
GenresAmbient, electronica, trance
Occupation(s)Musician, artist, author
Years active1996–present
LabelsSon of Waves Studios, The Orchard

Dylan Tauber is an Israel based musician, producer and artist.[1][2]


Tauber was born in Seattle, Washington. He attended Columbia University in New York City. During his time at Columbia University, he met a music promoter who was associated with the band Nine Inch Nails and inspired him to build his first studio. Tauber began developing his music through his his independent label, Son of Waves Studios.[3] He recorded his first album, "Double Mirrors Soundtrack" in 1996. Since then he has recorded many notable albums and has played with several singers.[4][5]


Year Album Label
1996 Double Mirrors Soundtrack Orchard
1999 The Doorway Son of Waves Studios
2003 The Healing Son of Waves Studios
2005 Aliyah Son of Waves Studios
2006 Ones and Zeros Son of Waves Studios
2006 Ben Galim (Compilation 1) Son of Waves Studios
2007 Breathe Son of Waves Studios
2015 Near Death Experience Independent
2015 Dolphin Trance Son of Waves Studios
2016 Dolphin Trance 2 Son of Waves Studios
2016 Compilation 2 Son of Waves Studios
2017 Sounds from Space Son of Waves Studios


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