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  • White supremacy‎; 22:29 +2,273Pengortm talk contribsUndid revision 912027434 by Bishonen (talk) this is commentary about academic usage of the term. non-academics are legitimate source for commentary on this usage Tag: Undo
  • White supremacy‎; 19:29 -2,273Bishonen talk contribs→‎Academic use of the term: I don't understand what this weasel-word-laden paragraph ("recent rise", "characterized by some") is doing in a section supposedly devoted to *academic* use of the term. Is Ta-Nehisi Coates an academic? Is Kevin Drum? Conor Friedersdorf? No. They're all journalists. John McWhorter is an academic, yes, but the sources for his views here are all plain journalism. (Unlike the actual academic sources cited in the previous paragraph.)