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Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
FormatOngoing series
Publication dateJanuary 2016
Main character(s)Spider-Man
Creative team
Created bySpider-Man:
Stan Lee
Steve Ditko
Rob Liefeld
Fabian Nicieza
Written byJoe Kelly
Scott Aukerman
Gerry Duggan
Penn Jillette
Paul Scheer
Nick Giovannetti
Elliot Kalan
Josh Corin
Robbie Thompson
Artist(s)Ed McGuinness
Reilly Brown
Scott Koblish
Todd Nauck
Chris Bachalo
Inker(s)Mark Morales
Colorist(s)Jason Keith
Collected editions
Side PiecesISBN 0785199926
Itsy BitsyISBN 0785197877
Serious BusinessISBN 1302908065
Arms RaceISBN 1302910477
WLMDISBN 9781302910488
My Two DadsISBN 1302910493

Spider-Man/Deadpool is a 50 issue comic book series published by Marvel Comics beginning in 2016. The title characters, Spider-Man and Deadpool, shared the focus of the book.[1] The comic was originally launched by Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness, but many authors and artists worked on the series during its run. Spider-Man/Deadpool is an action-comedy that explores the dynamic between the two characters; their contrasting personalities making for an interesting read.

Main characters[edit]

  • Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
  • Deadpool (Wade Wilson) is a talkative mercenary for hire known as the "Merc with a Mouth". Like Wolverine, he is a subject of the Weapon X experiment for which he volunteered in the hopes of finding a cure for his cancer. Although he received an enhanced body from the project, the cancer was not cured, he went insane, and his skin became covered in hideous scars.


The comic focuses on Deadpool and Spider-Man as they team up to face various threats. While Deadpool is immensely pleased as he finally gets to hang out with his favorite wall-crawler, Spider-Man is initially all too disgusted with Deadpool, having previously quit the Avengers Unity Squad because Deadpool became a member. As they team up and hang out together, Spidey learns about the man behind the wisecracking mercenary, while Deadpool starts holding himself to a higher moral standard in order to get closer to Spidey. It's not all bromance and sunshine, however, as Deadpool has been hired to kill Peter Parker.

Things only get more complicated from there, as several foes from both beyond the grave and the very living realm serve to give these two a hard time, testing the mettle their (often contrasting) morals are made of.[2]

Ultimately, this series is an exploration of the characters. "Drilling down on their friendship was our goal from the first issue. When we started, they were even more at odds due to the events of Secret Empire. That allowed us to have them wind up in situations where they were forced to find common ground." Said Robbie Thomson on the subject of the character's relationship. "I think with Wade, he’s an anti-hero, but there’s a true blue hero somewhere deep down inside, under all the toilet humor and murder and lack of boundaries. And he views Spider-Man as the gold standard of being a good guy. He admires him. And who can blame him? For Spider-Man, one thing that I love about him is that he has the ability to see the potential good in anyone. Even when it costs him. So, he knows Wade is foolish and goes too far, but he also has seen Wade be heroic, as well as save Spider-Man from time to time. And yet, Wade can always snatch defeat from the claws of victory on his path to redemption."[3]

Collected editions[edit]

  • Spider-Man/Deadpool by Joe Kelly & Ed McGuinness Hardcover Edition (collects Spider-Man/Deadpool #1-5, 8-10, 13-14, 17-18, 264 pages, March 20 2018, ISBN 9781302903725)
  • Volume 1: Isn't it Bromantic (collects Spider-Man/Deadpool #1-5, 8 136 pages, September 13, 2016, ISBN 9780785197867)
  • Volume 2: Side Pieces (collects Spider-Man/Deadpool #6-7, 11-12 and #1.MU, 120 pages, June 20, 2017, ISBN 0785199926)
  • Volume 3: Itsy Bitsy (collects Spider-Man/Deadpool #9-10, 13-14, 17-18, 136 pages, October 3, 2017, ISBN 0785197877)
  • Volume 4: Serious Business (collects Spider-Man/Deadpool #19-22, 112 pages, January 16, 2018, ISBN 1302908065)
  • Volume 5: Arms Race (collects Spider-Man/Deadpool #23-28, 112 pages, April 24, 2018, ISBN 1302910477)
  • Volume 6: WLMD (collects Spider-Man/Deadpool #29-33, 136 pages, July 31, 2018, ISBN 9781302910488)
  • Volume 7: My Two Dads (collects Spider-Man/Deadpool #34-39, 136 pages, December 11, 2018, ISBN 1302910493)
  • Volume 8: Road Trip (collects Spider-Man/Deadpool #40-45, 136 pages, April 23, 2019, ISBN 1302911120)
  • Volume 9: Eventpool (collects Spider-Man/Deadpool #46-50, 112 pages, July 23, 2019, ISBN 1302914634)


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