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Spider Queen is the name of two different characters in Marvel Comics: Shannon Kane and Adriana Soria.

Publication history[edit]

The first Spider Queen debuted in Fox Feature Syndicate's The Eagle #2 (Sept. 1941) and was created by Elsa Lesau, a pen name for brothers Louis and Arturo Cazeneuve.[1] The character was later revived and adapted for Marvel Comics' 1993 Invaders mini-series by Roy Thomas, Dave Hoover and Brian Garvey.

The second Spider Queen debuted in The Spectacular Spider-Man vol. 2, #15 (Aug. 2004) and was created by Paul Jenkins and Michael Ryan.

Fox Feature Syndicate[edit]

Spider Queen
Publication information
PublisherFox Feature Syndicate
First appearanceThe Eagle #2 (September 1941)
Created byElsa Lesau
In-story information
Alter egoSharon Kane
Team affiliationsBattle Axis
AbilitiesAccomplished acrobat
Wears bracelets that can shoot a web-like substance

Spider Queen was the secret identity of Sharon Kane, a "sworn enemy" of all wrongdoers. She fought crime in a red skirt and mask, light blue blouse open to the navel, and yellow sash, cape, and boots. She also wore a special pair of bracelets that fired spider webbing. Her detective boyfriend was Mike O'Bell.

Spider Queen appeared in only three issues of The Eagle, and that only as a backup feature. Her final Golden Age appearance was in The Eagle #4 (January 1942).

Marvel Comics[edit]

Shannon Kane[edit]

Spider Queen was briefly revived in 1993, as part of a Marvel Comics' four-issue mini-series featuring the Invaders. The story pitted the World War II super-team against the Battle-Axis, a group of minor Golden Age superheroes who were also Nazi sympathizers. The Spider Queen joined the Battle Axis because she opposed Communism, and believed the Nazis would destroy Communism. The Battle Axis were eventually defeated, and Spider Queen (along with the others) were taken into custody.[2] In 1959, she briefly allied with a secret American intelligence organization called Icon. She was again taken into custody by a team of heroes led by Nick Fury.[3]

Adriana Soria[edit]

Spider Queen
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceThe Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 2 #15 (August 2004)
Created byPaul Jenkins
Michael Ryan
In-story information
Alter egoAdriana Soria
AbilitiesAdept armed and unarmed combatant
Superhuman strength
Sonic scream
Ability to control insects and anyone with the "insect gene", and transform into a monstrous spider-like creature

The Queen (Adriana Soria), a.k.a. the Spider Queen, is a fictional supervillain in Marvel Comics and an enemy of Spider-Man and Captain America. Queen first appears as the main antagonist of Spider-Man: Disassembled.

The Queen is introduced in a six-issue storyline beginning in The Spectacular Spider-Man vol. 2, #15. She took control of anyone in the city with the "insect gene" and they followed her every command. Spider-Man and his ally, Captain America, arrived on the scene to confront her, but were overpowered by her mind controlled minions and her powers. During the battle she demonstrated her super strength, being able to knock out Spider-Man with several kicks and punches, and her sonic scream, which she used to stun Spider-Man. After knocking out Captain America, Spider-Man attempted to continue fighting The Queen, but she quickly defeated the young hero with a second sonic scream, knocking him unconscious. As he fell unconscious The Queen caught him in a hug and held him close telling him not to be ashamed of his defeat, as he could have never stood against her, before pulling him into a deep kiss. In the following issue, The Queen holds Spider-Man captive and explains she wants him as her mate in her new world. She forces a second kiss on him, attempting to control him and make him fall in love with her. She almost succeeded, but Spider-Man regained control and forced her off him, enraging her. She slapped him across the face twice and vowed he would love her. Meanwhile, news of the first kiss between Spider-Man and Queen spread through New York, but everyone thought Spider-Man was the one who kissed Queen. Spider-Man and Captain America managed to escape, and Captain America, who had spent decades in suspended animation, reveals he dated Adrianna Soria in 1945. Spider-Man goes after The Queen, but is once again defeated by her. She almost forces herself on him again, but is knocked off the roof of the building by Captain America. The Queen disappears after this, but haunts Peter's dreams, and he can feel she has done something to him. It is revealed that The Queen's kiss has slowly been mutating Spider-Man into a giant spider, one which she will use to produce her offspring in a world with only those she can control. She tracks down the mutated Spider-Man and once again defeats him, taking him back to her lair as he completes his transformation, now completely under her control as her lover. However, this new form was unstable and quickly died unexpectedly. The Queen wept for her dead lover, but shortly afterwards, Spider-Man hatched from his dead body in his original human form, now with increased strength, enhanced senses and the ability to generate his own organic webs. He sabotaged the bomb that Queen was planning to use to kill anyone she couldn't control and confronted The Queen once again. She attempted to kill Spider-Man, knowing she couldn't use him as a mate, but this time he over powered her and escaped her lair just as S.H.I.E.L.D attacked the lair. Queen was seemingly killed in the explosion, but her body was never found.

The Queen returns as an antagonist of the Spider-Island storyline, alongside the Jackal., beginning in The Amazing Spider-Man #666. After having mutated into a monstrous form, she appears to die in an explosion in The Amazing Spider-Man #672. In issues #692-693, the Jackal steals one of the Spider Queen's limbs and used her DNA to create several clones, naming one Spider-Princess. The clones are destroyed in a battle against Alpha and Spider-Man.

Powers and abilities[edit]

The first Spider Queen was an accomplished acrobat. She wore special bracelets that could shoot out a web-like substance (similar to Spider-Man's webfluid).

The second Spider Queen has super-strength, telekinesis, a sonic scream, and can control insects and anyone with the "insect gene", and transform into a monstrous spider-like creature. She possessed the ability to mutate anyone with an insect gene with a mutagenic enzyme through her kiss, as demonstrated when she forced a fateful kiss on Spider-Man, mutating him into a giant spider. She has military training and is adept in several forms of armed and unarmed combat.

Other versions[edit]


During the Secret Wars storyline, the Battleworld domain of Spider-Island is made from a reality where Spider Queen was triumphant over Spider-Man and now rules a Manhattan that is infested with Man-Spiders.[4]


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