St. Barbara Church (Chicago)

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St. Barbara
St. Barbara Church is located in the United States
St. Barbara Church
St. Barbara
Coordinates: 41°50′33″N 87°39′10″W / 41.8425°N 87.6528°W / 41.8425; -87.6528
CountryUnited States
DenominationRoman Catholic
WebsiteSt. Barbara Parish
Founder(s)Polish immigrants
DedicationSt. Barbara
Consecrated ()
Functional statusActive
Heritage designationFor Polish immigrants
Architect(s)Worthmann and Steinbach
Architectural typeChurch
StylePolish Cathedral style
Groundbreaking1912 (1912)
Completed1914 (1914)

St. Barbara's in Chicago (Polish: Kościół Świętej Barbary) - historic church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago located in Chicago, Illinois, at 2859 South Throop St.

It is a prime example of the Polish Cathedral style of churches in both its opulence and grand scale. Along with St. Mary of Perpetual Help, it is one of two monumental religious edifices that dominate the Bridgeport neighborhood's skyline.


Founded in 1909 as a Polish parish to relieve overcrowding at St. Mary of Perpetual Help. Reverend Anthony Nawrocki, brother of St. Mary's pastor Stanislaus Nawrocki was the first pastor, thus the founding of the parish was a family affair in both the literal and figurative sense.


The church was designed by the firm of Worthmann and Steinbach who built many of the magnificent Polish Cathedrals in Chicago. The Renaissance style edifice was completed in 1914, it is one of the few octagonal houses of worship in the archdiocese. There are 25 stunning stained glass windows, depicting the Gospel, and the lives of the saints.

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