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Fairfield, Connecticut
SloganFairfield University Student Television
ChannelsAnalog: 64 (CCTV - Cable)
AffiliationsOpen Student Television Network
OwnerFairfield University
YouTube page

StagsTV (formerly The Ham Channel) is a student-operated closed-circuit Student television station channel offering a regular season schedule of original programming written by, starring, and produced by Fairfield University students under the direction of the Media Center.

Change in format[edit]

To keep up with the changing times of the digital age - starting in the Fall of 2007 - the HAM Channel changed its primary media from analog cable TV to videos on the internet. StagsTV is now capable of reaching a global audience and viewers have the added convenience of choosing when and where to watch the programming. While the analog channel 64 still exists and is still in use, the new home for Ham Channel programming is their YouTube page.

In keeping with their new method of getting to their audience, the format of their programming has changed from the traditional half-hour shows on the campus CCTV channel to the new method of uploading segments to YouTube that are 3–10 minutes in length.

This new format has also given way to new programming which StagsTV is currently producing.

The only traditional analog show still on the CCTV channel is StagsTV's flagship program, Into It!, which has been re-vamped with a new host and a new format. The show features a new host,a monologue, various guests from the campus, and still allows fans to call in to the show. The show, which airs at 7:30 on Tuesday nights, aims at being a talk show and variety show loosely formatted on programs such as Late Night with Conan O'Brien and The Daily Show.

Student programming[edit]

New shows[edit]

  • Fairfield Cribs - MTV Cribs, but set at Fairfield University. The show features students' beach houses, townhouses, and dormrooms that stand-out in some way.
  • Barone Appetite - This show teaches students, in a HAM Channel take on the Food Network, how to cook some basic meals with the stirfry stations located in the dining hall of Fairfield University.
  • News 64 - The long-running, college Emmy-nominated news program that keeps students up-to-date on the campus happenings. It adapted to the new format of the Ham Channel with reporters uploading individual stories on the YouTube page.
  • Key Eats - This show exposes students to all the local places where they can get a good meal.
  • Bedtime Stories - This show features a James Lipton-esque host who reads the viewers a children's story while smoking a fake pipe and sitting in a smoking jacket next to a fireplace.

Previous shows[edit]

  • At the Buzzer - This long running show features Fairfield University students giving sports recaps, interviews, and all sort of things for sports maniacs.
  • Into It! - This live show features guests from on campus, trivia, and a large fan base that calls in and offers their views.
  • News 64 - The news shows review of the big stories of the week, plus an occasional special campus feature.
  • The Cutting Room Floor - StagsTV's oldest show, this show reviews the movies that college students are most likely to see, whether in the theatre, about to be released, or new on DVD.
  • Sen. Lieberman Interview - In 2006, The HAM Channel in conjunction with The Fairfield Mirror and WVOF were granted an exclusive interview with United States Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) in the midst of his highly contested re-election campaign.


Stagstock is an annual outdoor concert at Fairfield University each September to start off the year. It is produced by the HAM Channel with help from WVOF, the student radio station at Fairfield University.

The concert is popular and has showcased previous up-and-coming headlining musicians such as Howie Day, Matt Nathanson, Aloha, and The Alternate Routes.

Stagstock is also recorded and broadcast by the HAM Channel using their 32-foot (9.8 m) television production satellite uplink truck.

Notable interview subjects[edit]

StagsTV has been able to interview several "big-names" in recent years:

Steering committee[edit]

A steering committee of eight students works closely with faculty and staff on management of the channel and production of scheduled programming for the season.

2008–2009 steering committee[edit]

Title Name
Station Manager Dave Grazynski
President Chelsea Whittemore
Vice President Maria Vlahos
Senior Executive Producer Matt Woolley
Executive Producers Tom DiPirro and Julia Haltof
Associate Producer Eve Seiter
Senior Marketing Director Christina Dunne
Marketing Directors Maggie Andrew and Aileen Monahan
On Air Creative Team Mike Girandola and Brian Gillespie
New Member Mentor Karl Bratty
News Director Laura Zervoudakis
Technical Director Merrick McQuilling

Media Center[edit]

The Media Center is the 15,000-square-foot (1,400 m2) facility located on the ground floor of Xavier Hall that houses The HAM Channel along with the New Media: Film, Television, and Radio major and the Campus Television Network. It contains two fully functioning television studios with control rooms, editing bays, a head end and classrooms. In keeping the technological changes in the field, the Media Center has invested much into High Definition studio and field cameras and a Blu-ray projector.

The Media Center also operates a 32-foot (9.8 m) television production satellite uplink truck that can transmit and receive digitally encoded television signals from geostationary domestic satellites. Fairfield University is one of few colleges in the nation to have this technology allowing campus programming and international news organizations including CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and Bloomberg Television to be broadcast worldwide from the University.

The Media Center staff has won national recognition for its Award-Winning Programs and production of Multimedia Presentations for the University. Some of the most recent honors have included the Crystal Award of Distinction from the Communicator Awards 2005 Print Competition; two Awards of Excellence from the Videographer 2005 Awards; and the Platinum BEST of Show from The Aurora 2005 Awards.

Fairfield alumni in TV, radio, film, and other media[edit]

New Media major[edit]

All members of StagsTV are not required to major in New Media: Film, Television, and Radio which is the first of its kind among Jesuit universities. The New Media major offers students three distinct track concentrations in film, television and radio. The program requirements include classes in history, theory and production, all taught at the Media Center, a which provides students full access to two well equipped studios, high definition television production equipment; the mobile television and satellite uplink truck, 14 editing suites, screening and digital imaging rooms and classrooms.


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