List of states in late medieval Anatolia

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Anatolia is a large peninsula in West Asia and forms one of the two passages between Asia and Europe. All through history, many states both completely independent and vassal, were founded. Below is the list of states (including principalities) in Anatolia during the late Middle Ages (11th–15th centuries).

Name of the state Duration of rule Notes
Ahis 1290-1362 Religious fraternity
Aq Qoyunlu 1378-1508
Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia 1198-1375 Issued from Byzantine Empire
Artuqids 1102-1233
Alaiye 1293-1471 Vassal of Karaman
Aydinids 1300-1425
Jandarids (later: Isfendiyarids) 1292-1461
Tzachas 1081-1098
Chobanids 1211-1309
Beylik of Çubukoğulları 1085-1112 Vassal of Great Seljuk Empire
Beylik of Demleç 1085-1410
Dulkadirids 1348-1515
Eretnids 1335-1390 Issued from Ilkhanids
Beylik of Erzincan 1378-1410 Issued from Eretnids
Eshrefids 1285-1326
Germiyanids 1300-1429
Hamidids 1300-1391
Beylik of İnal 1095-1183 Mostly vassal of its neighbours
Beylik of Kadi Burhan al-Din 1381-1398 Continuation of Eretnids
Karamanids 1277-1487
Karasids 1296-1357
Beylik of Lâdik 1262-1391
Menteshe 1261-1424
Beylik of Pervane 1277-1322
Ramadanids 1352-1522 Mostly vassal of Memluks
Beylik of Sahip Ata 1275-1341
Sarukhanids 1300-1410
Ahlatshahs 1100-1207
Beylik of Tanrıbermiş 1074-1098
Beylik of Teke 1321-1423 Issued from Hamidids
Beyliks of Canik
" Beylik of Tacettin"
" Beylik of Hacıemir"

Actually 6 beyliks
Byzantine Empire 0395-1453 During 1204-1261 Empire of Nicea
County of Edessa 1098-1149 Crusader state
Danishmends 1071-1178
Emirate of Armenia 0654-0884 Vassal of Arabic Empire
Empire of Nicaea 1204-1261 Byzantine Empire after the loss of capital
Empire of Trebizond 1204-1461 Issued from Byzantine Empire
Karakoyunlu Turkmens (Black sheep Turkmens) 1375-1468
Latin Empire 1204-1261 Crusader state
Mengujekids 1072-1277
Ottoman Empire 1299-1922 Called beylik in the early years
Principality of Antioch 1098-1268 Crusader state
Saltukids 1072-1202
Sultanate of Rum 1077-1307 Issued from the Great Seljuk Empire

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