Strathclyde Amateur Football League

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Strathclyde Amateur Football League
Divisions4 over 3 tiers
Number of teams42
Level on pyramidN/A
Promotion toNone
Relegation toNone
Domestic cup(s)Scottish Amateur Cup
WebsiteOfficial website

The Strathclyde Saturday Morning Amateur Football League (SSMAFL) is a football (soccer) league competition for amateur clubs in the Strathclyde area of Scotland. The association is affiliated to the Scottish Amateur Football Association.

The association is currently composed of three division, over 2 tiers, and a development section

League Membership[edit]

In order to join the association, clubs need to apply and are then voted in by current member clubs.

The league has clubs from all over the former Strathclyde Region, from Airdrie in the east to Gourock in the west, from Cumbernauld to Castlemilk from north to south, and all points in between The league changed its name to its current 1n 1989 from the Strathclyde Civil Service league. The league was formed in 1962 and has one of the early member clubs still active, D T I, who play at Glasgow Green, and formed in 1971

The league has continued to grow despite the general decline in the volume of amateur clubs in Scotland, and has rapidly become one of the biggest leagues in the entire country, with latest numbers over 50 clubs

The league is currently sponsored by individual companies sponsoring divisions and cups,incl HARLEY GOLF LOUNGE (Rutherglen) Cutting Edgw Engravers, Gordons Bar

The league is non profit making, and any excess funds at the end of each season are divided and refunded to returning clubs

The league also runs a very successful facebook page and twitter account, and the website is a leader in the field

The league is also very active is raising money for Charity, such as SAMH Parkinsons,, QEU Childrens Hospital, as local bereavement aid.

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