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Super Adventure Team was an American comedy series shown on the cable television network MTV in 1998. It was produced in the style of Thunderbirds from the 1960s, with live action marionettes, but had more adult themes and suggestive situations. Much of the humor was derived from the characters' complicated personal lives overshadowing their missions to save the world.

The show became a cult hit after it first aired, and still has fans around the world.

There were 6 episodes, and all had excellent production value, considering their limited budget.

The marionettes were voiced by comedians popular at the time — using aliases:

  • Talia Criswell was played by Karen Kilgariff — stage name Barbara St. Bill
  • Benton Criswell was played by Paul F. Tompkins — stage name Francis Mt. Pleasant
  • Chief Engineer Head was played by creator Dana Gould[1] — stage name Benjamin Venom
  • Major Landon West was played by Daran Norris — stage name James Penrod
  • Colonel Buck Murdock was played by Wally Wingert — stage name Grant W. Wyllie


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