Surfing in Scotland

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Surfing in Scotland
Governing bodyScottish Surfing Federation
International competitions
Tràigh Baile a' Mhuilinn on the north west coast of Tiree, Inner Hebrides

Surfing in Scotland is a minor sport. The water around Scotland is fairly cold, requiring a full wetsuit, although it is warmed by the Gulf Stream.

In 2008, the actor Billy Boyd fronted VisitScotland's Perfect Day Campaign, and talked particularly of his love of surfing in Scotland, particularly in Machrihanish near the town of Campbelltown in Kintyre in the west coast of Scotland and Pease Bay and Coldingham Bay on Scotland's East coast. In an interview about the campaign with The Scotsman on 28 July, he said "I don't really do much promotional stuff but felt that with this one I could be honest...I'm very proud of where I come from and I get very excited if a friend comes over and I can show them around."[1]

Surfing locations[edit]

A panorama shot of Coldingham Sands from Homeli Knoll, the village of St Abbs is just visible over the headland.

Surfing locations in Scotland include the following:

East Coast

West Coast

North Coast



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