Sweden at the 1900 Summer Olympics

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Sweden at the
1900 Summer Olympics
Swedish civil ensign (1844–1905).svg
Flag of Sweden during union with Norway
NOCSwedish Olympic Committee
Websitewww.sok.se (in Swedish) (in English)
in Paris
Competitors10 in 4 sports
Ranked 20th
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1906 Intercalated Games

Sweden competed at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris[1] under the IOC country code SWE. It was the second appearance of the European nation. Swedish results are typically separated from those of Norwegian competitors despite the personal union of the two kingdoms.


Gold medals were not given at the 1900 Games. A silver medal was given for a first place, and a bronze medal was given for second. The International Olympic Committee has retroactively assigned gold, silver, and bronze medals to competitors who earned 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-place finishes, respectively, in order to bring early Olympics in line with current awards.


Three Swedish athletes, August Nilsson, Gustaf Söderström and Karl Gustaf Staaf, were part of a mixed team with three Danish athletes that won the Tug of War competition.

Medal Name Sport Event Date
 Bronze Ernst Fast Athletics Men's marathon July 19

Results by event[edit]

The Swedish athletes at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris. Standing from the left: Karl Gustaf Staaf, August Nilsson, Isaac Westergren, Tore Blom, Johan F Nyström. Sitting: Gustaf Söderström, F Berg (leader). On the ground: Ernst Fast and Eric Lemming.


8 Swedish athletes competed in 11 events, winning a bronze medal in the marathon.

Event Place Athlete Heat Semifinal Repechage Final
60 metres Isaac Westergren Unknown
AC, heat 1
None held Did not advance
100 metres Isaac Westergren Unknown
4th, heat 5
Did not advance
Marathon 3rd Ernst Fast None held 3:37:14.0
Johan Nyström Did not finish
Event Place Athlete Qualifier Final
Long jump 11th Tore Blom 5.770 metres
Did not advance
12th Eric Lemming 5.500 metres
Triple jump 7th-13th Eric Lemming None held Unknown
Karl Staaf Unknown
High jump 4th Eric Lemming None held 1.70 metres
8th Tore Blom 1.50 metres
Pole vault 4th Eric Lemming None held 3.10 metres
7th Karl Staaf 2.80 metres
8th August Nilsson 2.60 metres
Standing triple jump 5th-10th Karl Staaf None held Unknown
Shot put 6th Gustaf Söderström 11.18 metres
Did not advance
9th August Nilsson 10.86 metres
Discus throw 6th Gustaf Söderström 33.07 metres
Did not advance
8th Eric Lemming 32.50 metres
Hammer throw 4th Eric Lemming None held Unknown
5th Karl Staaf Unknown


Sweden first competed in fencing at the Olympics in the sport's second appearance. The nation sent one fencer.

Event Place Fencer Round 1 Quarterfinals Repechage Semifinals Final
Foil 38-54 Emil Fick Not advanced
by jury
Did not advance


Sweden was represented by one swimmer in its first Olympic swimming appearance. Erickson advanced to the final in two of his three events, but won no medals.

Event Place Swimmer Semifinals Final
Men's 200 metre
12th Erik Erickson 3:05.8
4th, semifinal 1
Did not advance
Men's 1000 metre
9th Erik Erickson 17:41.2
3rd, semifinal 1
Men's 200 metre
8th Erik Erickson 4:05.4
4th, semifinal 3

Tug of war[edit]

Sweden contributed 3 of the 6 members of the gold medal winning team in the inaugural tug of war competition.

Event Place Athletes Match 1
Tug of war 1st Edgar Aabye (DEN)
August Nilsson
Eugen Schmidt (DEN)
Gustaf Söderström
Karl Gustaf Staaf
Charles Winckler (DEN)
Won vs. France


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