Syedi Hasan Feer

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Mausoleum Hasan feer

Syedi Hasan Feer was an Ismaili saint of the 14th century in India. Hasan feer was fifth Wali-ul-Hind on behalf of Ismaili Fatimid of Yemen. He was famous in the court of the Sultan of Patan, during the time of the Dehli Sultan Nasir ud din Muhammad Shah III and from lineage of Moulai Bharmal.[1][2][3][4][5][6] He was martyred on 23rd Moharram 795 AH/ 1392 AD, and his mausoleum is located at Denmaal, Gujarat. Family tree showing relation with Moulai Bharmal and Dawoodi Bohra duat is as below.

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