Tête de veau

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Tête de veau

Tête de veau (French 'calf's head') or testina di vitello (Italian) is a dish consisting of a calf's head, commonly found in French, Belgian, German, Swiss, and Italian cuisine.[1] In Italy, it is a traditional Christmas food.

Raw têtes de veau, boned and rolled, ready for cooking, at the Rungis International Market

Tête de veau may be served whole or boned. When boned, it is rolled and held together with string. It is usually poached, but it may also be roasted. It may be served hot or cold, often with a vinaigrette or ravigote sauce. Cold, it may be served in slices.

A well-known dish in Belgium is "tête de veau en tortue" ('as a tortoise'), served with tomato sauce with Madeira and accompanied by French fries.

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