Từ Đạo Hạnh

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Image of Từ Đạo Hạnh in the Thầy Temple near Hanoi

Từ Đạo Hạnh (, 1072-1116) also thánh Láng, was a Vietnamese monk who lived at the Thay Pagoda near modern Hanoi.[1] Various folk legends are told about his life and powers.[2] Today when puppeteers perform during the Thay Pagoda Festival, on the seventh day of the third lunar month, they honor Tu Dao Hanh as their founder and patron deity.[3]


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  2. ^ Thiện Đỗ Vietnamese supernaturalism: views from the southern region - Page 245 2003 "29 It is interesting to note that in the folk legend of Từ Đạo Hạnh. there was a spirit who appeared before him at the time he achieved magical power from meditation. The spirit identified himself as Tu' Tran Thien Vu'o'ng or Deva King of Four ."
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