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The article fails to mention the continuity errors that jump out if one views it immediately after "The Wolf Man" or "The Ghost Of Frankenstein". As discussed in the article, the film had problems but the editing seems to be extremely sloppy when compared with the tight continuity of the first four "Frankenstein" movies. In "The Wolf Man", it was established that Larry Talbot would remove his shoes prior to his transformations. In "Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man", Talbot is seen wearing hospital issued pajamas, but the Werewolf later appears wearing Talbot's customary black shirt and grey pants. But upon awakening in the hospital, the returned Talbot is once again in his pajamas! A similar error occurs when the transformed werewolf is clearly seen without shoes, but the next day, when Talbot awakens in the semi frozen basement ruins of Frankenstein's castle, Talbot is wearing shoes.

If those problems weren't bad enough, for nearly three quarters of the way through the film, it's unclear as to which Dr. Frankenstein was Elsa's father. In "The Ghost of..." it was established that she was the daughter of Ludwig Frankenstein, the brother of Wolf and the second son of Heinrich "Henry" Frankenstein who actually created The Monster. It is only near the end that we learn Elsa's father and grandfather were the ones who became obsessed with The Monster; apparently, she didn't know that her uncle Wolf is the one who actually revived the creature. One final note. Bela Lugosi does a beautiful piece of acting where The Monster regains his eyesight after being restored to full power by Dr.Mannering; he then turns and makes a grateful, but nonetheless, evil smile; this reminds us that it's Ygor's brain that's inside The Monster's skull.

In my opinion, the laughter Siodmark mentioned may have had more to do with these clumsy errors than with Bela's Hungarian accent.MARK VENTURE (talk) 06:44, 10 November 2013 (UTC)

ELSA was The last member of the Frankenstein Family[edit]

After "Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man" NO member of the original Frankenstein Family appeared in the next three Universal films involving The Frankenstein Monster: "House of Frankenstein", "House of Dracula" and "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein", all feature various mad scientists or other individuals interested in the Monster or Frankenstein's notebook, but no member of the family itself made an appearance. Assuming Elsa had no children, she herself would have been quite elderly by the time of the events in the Abbott and Costello film and the sole survivor of her father's bloodline! On her uncle Wolf Frankenstein's side of the family, there is no mention of them after the third sequel, "Ghost of Frankenstein". Of course, this assumes we are referring to the Classic Universal "Frankenstein" series and not any later revivals or homages!MARK VENTURE (talk) 20:24, 8 August 2018 (UTC)