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Pinyin: Puzi vs. Puzih[edit]

To the anonymous user (talk) who keeps changing the spelling of this township's name:

  • The article was renamed from "Puzih" to "Puzi" in 2009 by consensus. Changing it back would violate that consensus, and changing it only in the body of the article but not in the title (as you have repeatedly done) introduces inconsistency.
  • The Chiayi County Government webpages currently cited as references are inconsistent, spelling it "Puzi" in the left menu and breadcrumb, and "Puzih" in the body of the article.

Please, could you stop changing this and first discuss your reasons on this talk page? If you could do the same for the dozen other pages where you've made similar edits, this would be really helpful. Phlar (talk) 23:39, 9 February 2016 (UTC)