Tamezō Narita

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Tamezō Narita
Tamezo Narita.jpg
Born15 December 1893
DiedOctober 29, 1945(1945-10-29) (aged 51)

Tamezō Narita (成田為三, Narita Tamezō, 15 December 1893 – 29 October 1945) was a Japanese composer.[1]

Narita was born in Kitaakita District, Akita.

Works, editions and recordings[edit]



  1. ^ Yukie Ohta - A Rainbow in the Desert: An Anthology of Early Twentieth-Century ... 2001 -- Page xiv " "Canary" first appeared as a poem in November 1918 in Akai tori, and six months later reappeared in the same journal set to the music of Narita Tamezo (1893—1945), a famous composer of children's songs."