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Tamil films are a welcomed, not only in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, but also in Malaysia, Canada, England, United States, Japan, South Africa, Australia and all over the world by tamil people.

Moving picture[edit]

The discovery of Lumiere Brothers in the 19th century came to Chennai in two years. 

In 1897, "Edward", the Englishman screened the first moving film in Chennai. The premiere of "Cinemascope" at the "Victoria Public Hall", which led to many changes in Tamilnadu . The show was screened at various locations in Chennai and several locations.In 1900, South India's first theater was built by "Warwick Major" in Mount Road, by the British. The name is 'Electric' theater. The name was given by this light because it was light through the lamp.

First Theater[edit]

"Swaminamu Vincent", who works in Trichy Railway in 1905, started the production of 'Edison Cinematograph'.The "Swaminamu Vincent" went to many villages and released the film "Jesus' Life" in the first stage of South India. The whole of the film, including the films produced by the Loomi Brothers, is a full-fledged, years Innar in Coimbatore "Variety Hall" of the platform, "Valli thirumanam" produced and released such films.

At the time when the permanent theaters are not formed, he had screened films around Tamilnadu with his equipment. He has also screened films in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Mumbai, Calcutta, Peshawar and Sri Lanka. He has signed an agreement with the film-making company abroad. Seeing the interestet of the people. he has created a lot Tent Theaters in tamil nadu

In Madras in 1914, "Venkaiah" who built "Gaiety Theater", the first theater built in South India by Indian(Theater is still functioning today).

First South Indian film[edit]

There were some permanent theater that were built in the palace. Mythical films like "Harichandra" produced in Mumbai after 1912 were screened in Chennai. Motor spare parts vendor R. Nadaraja Mudaliar established a company called "India Film Company" in 1916, and produced a motion picture of "Kesagam Vantham" in 1916. This is the first film in South India.

Following a silent film production in Chennai in 1916, some producers began to take pictures.The most important one is "A. Narayanan".He is the founder of "General Pictures" Corporation, producing several hit films and plays an important role in South Indian film industry. More than 100 motion pictures were produced in Chennai. They were screened in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages in several cities of South India. But a film titled "Marthandavarman" is still preserved in Nagercoil. The British Government decided that the film footage began to take control of this popular communication device. Continued Cinematography Act was implemented by the Censorship Department in 1918. The Madras Bill League was founded in 1927 by the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce. The South Indian Film Chamber was founded in Chennai in 1939. The first chairman of this union is S. It is noteworthy that Sathiyamoorthy has served.