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A male lion in Tarsus zoo

Tarsus Zoo (Tarsus Hayvanat Bahçesi) is a zoo in Tarsus ilçe (district) of Mersin Province, Turkey. Its area is 110 decares (0.11 km2; 0.042 sq mi) [1]


In 1999 a small zoo in midtown Tarsus with only a few small animals was established by the municipality of Tarsus. But its area was small and Haytap, the animal-rights-activists forced the municipality to move the zoo to a more convenient area. According to Haytap the former zoo was an animal prison rather than a zoo.[2] The current zoo was opened on 27 December 2013.[1] It is in the northern part of the urban fabric at 36°58′N 34°54′E / 36.967°N 34.900°E / 36.967; 34.900. It is to the south of Berdan Dam reservoir and the picnic area. Its gate is located under the viaduct of Turkish motorway O-53.


There are currently 81 species, zebra being the last to enter the zoo. According to an announcement an elephant and a giraffe will soon arrive in the zoo.[3]

Although the zoo is classified in category B, the zoo administration decided to apply for the A category.

Admission fee[edit]

The zoo is open from 9 AM to 5 PM (6 PM in summers) The admission fee is TL 8.[4]