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Type of site
Available inEnglish
OwnerTeacherTube, LLC
Created byUser content
Founder(s)Adam Smith
Jason Smith
Key peopleAdam Smith (CEO)
Jason Smith (President)
Alexa rankPositive decrease 64,539 (April 2014)[1]
Current statusactive

TeacherTube is a video sharing website similar to, and based on, YouTube. It is designed to allow those in the educational industry, particularly teachers, to share educational resources such as video, audio, documents, photos, groups and blogs. The site contains a mixture of classroom teaching resources and others designed to aid teacher training. A number of students have also uploaded videos that they have made as part of K-12 and college courses. As of July 2008, the website contained over 26,000 videos and now as of October 2010, TeacherTube has over One Million+ educational members and over 400,000 educational videos. It has found favor with educators for whom YouTube content is blocked by content filtering systems.[2]


TeacherTube was launched on March 6, 2007 and was initiated by Jason Smith, a Superintendent from Melissa, Texas and younger brother Adam Smith, a tech genius and athlete (Had a .401 batting average in 2002 for Embry Riddle University's World Series baseball team in Florida). The site now gains more than 10 million page views per month. [3] The site has run a number of creative educational competitions, in association with companies such as Texas Instruments[4] and Interwrite.[5] Institutions such as major libraries are using the service to disseminate information.[6]


In 2009 TeacherTube introduced the partnership with the NASA's Ares and NASA's Ares TV program. Since the partnership started, the Ares videos have reached students across the world with information provided by no other educational site. NASA's Ares rockets, named for the Greek god associated with Mars, will return humans to the moon and later take them to Mars and other destinations.

Since partnered with TeacherTube in 2007, the American Institute for History Education has grown tremendously. The videos placed on TeacherTube have reached views within days to 30,000+ to 50,000+. AIHE Channel on TeacherTube has been so successful AIHE has now branched off from the success on TeacherTube to AIHE TV which broadcasts live reaching the entire state of New Jersey.

Since 2010 TeacherTube has cooperated with an education program, Glogster EDU, which is a web 2.0 platform that enables users to create virtual posters and load them with videos, music, sounds, pictures, text, data attachments, special effects, animations and links. Glogster EDU has a Teacher Tube partner profile. TeacherTube lists Glogster among other services of similar type.

With the need of media publication for non-profit organizations, TeacherTube created the Non-Profit Program Channel for Non-Profit organizations. Started this year, TeacherTube has joined forces with UNICEF and their TeachUNICEF program, Adopt a Classroom and the North Texas History Center.

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