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Telecommunication in Serbia is an important economic sector, accounting for 4.7% of country's GDP in 2015.[1]


Fixed telephony[edit]

Serbia has a developed and efficient telephone network infrastructure. Domestic line system is 100% digital, with digital cable trunk line connecting switching centers. A drop in fixed-line connections in the last decade has been more than offset by a sharp increase in mobile-cellular telephone use. Telekom Srbija, the former state monopoly, is the predominant player in landline telephony with 93.8% of market share.[5] Since the liberalization of the telecommunications market in 2013, Telekom Srbija has been very slowly losing market share to 16 other telecom operators, of which the most significant ones include SBB and Orion Telekom.

Mobile telephony[edit]

Serbia currently has three mobile networks, Telekom Srbija, Telenor, and Vip mobile all of which are licensed for 2G GSM, 3G UMTS, and 4G LTE. The largest mobile operator is Telekom Srbija, marketed as mts, with 46.8%  market share, followed by Telenor with 31.2% and Vip mobile with 22% market share.[6] In addition, SBB gained mobile virtual network operator licence in 2013 but is still not offering services.

Radio and television[edit]

Free-to-air terrestrial television[edit]

Digital television transition has been completed in 2015 with MPEG-4 compression standard and DVB-T2 standard for signal transmission.[11]

Pay television[edit]

Some 67% of households are provided with pay television services (i.e. 38.7% cable television, 16.9% IPTV, and 10.4% satellite).[12] There are 90 pay television operators (cable, IPTV, DTH), largest of which are SBB (mainly cable) with 48% market share, Telekom Srbija (mts TV) with 25%, followed by PoštaNet with 5%, and Ikom (Bought by SBB) and Kopernikus with 4% and 3%, respectively.[13]


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