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Google images

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Creates a link to a Google Images search page. The template takes two optional input parameters:

  • With no parameter values, the template links to a Google Images search for the name of the current page (specifically to the value of the SUBPAGENAME magic word for the current page).
  • If the first parameter value is present, the template links to a Google Images search on the parameter value. Ordinarily the value would consist of one or more search keywords, and/or commands that Google Images recognizes.
  • If the second parameter value is present, the template displays the value as the link text.

Do not use in articles[edit]


Type this To get this What it produces, or searches for
{{google images}} Google images Search Google images for the title of the page containing the template
{{google images|teratorn}} teratorn Search Google Images for "teratorn"
{{google images|teratorn|Search Google Images for: teratorn}} Search Google Images for: teratorn Displays some user-specified link text
{{google images||Search Google Images}} Search Google Images Link to an initially empty search form

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