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Major androgens/anabolic steroids marketed for clinical or veterinary use

Generic name Class Brand name(s) Route(s) Launch Status Hitsa
Androstanolone DHT Andractim, others Many 1953 Availableb 125,000
Boldenone undecylenate T; Ester Equipoise, Parenabol IM 1960s Veterinaryb 544,000
Danazol T; Alkyl Danocrine Oral 1971 Available 1,670,000
Drostanolone propionate DHT; Ester Masteron IM 1961 Discontinued 574,000
Ethylestrenol 19-NT; Alkyl Maxibolin, Orabolin Oral 1961 Availableb 117,000
Fluoxymesterone T; Alkyl Halotestin, Ultandren Oral 1957 Availableb 478,000
Mestanolone DHT; Alkyl Androstalone, Ermalone Oral 1950s Discontinued 278,000
Mesterolone DHT Proviron Oral 1967 Available 528,000
Metandienone T; Alkyl Dianabol Oral, IM 1958 Availableb 996,000
Metenolone acetate DHT; Ester Primobolan Oral 1961 Availableb 224,000
Metenolone enanthate DHT; Ester Primobolan Depot IM 1962 Availableb 371,000
Methyltestosterone T; Alkyl Metandren Oral 1936 Availableb 597,000
Nandrolone decanoate 19-NT; Ester Deca-Durabolin IM 1962 Available 926,000
Nandrolone phenylpropionate 19-NT; Ester Durabolin IM 1959 Availableb 395,000
Norethandrolone 19-NT; Alkyl Nilevar, Pronabol Oral 1956 Availableb 124,000
Oxandrolone DHT; Alkyl Oxandrin, Anavar Oral 1964 Availableb 1,280,000
Oxymetholone DHT; Alkyl Anadrol, Anapolon Oral 1961 Availableb 902,000
Prasterone (DHEA) T; Prohormone Numerous Many 1970s Available 11,600,000
Stanozolol DHT; Alkyl Winstrol, Stromba Oral, IM 1962 Discontinued 1,790,000
Testosterone T Numerous Many 1937 Available 12,700,000
Testosterone cypionate T; Ester Depo-Testosterone IM 1951 Available 1,290,000
Testosterone enanthate T; Ester Delatestryl IM 1954 Available 1,210,000
Testosterone propionate T; Ester Testoviron IM 1937 Available 1,010,000
Testosterone undecanoate T; Ester Aveed, Andriol, Nebido Oral, IM 1970s Available 385,000
Trenbolone acetate 19-NT; Ester Finajet, Finaject IM 1970s Veterinary 651,000
Footnotes: a = Hits = Google Search hits (as of December 2017). b = Availability limited / mostly discontinued. Class: T = Testosterone. DHT = Dihydrotestosterone. 19-NT = 19-Nortestosterone (nandrolone). Alkyl = 17α-Alkylated. Sources: See individual articles.