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This template is intended to be inserted as a footer at the bottom of every article relating to any of the plants listed above, or to the NRC main page or any other place where appropriate, to serve as an easy navigation tool for anyone interested in the details about U.S. nuclear power plants. If there are other unlisted plants, found to be existing or seriously proposed, they should be added to the list, in alphabetical order by the displayed name. The practice for this list has been, where a plant is named after a person, the displayed name is the last name (family name or surname) of the person. Where the plant is named after a place or its corporate owner, the displayed name is all of the name excluding the phrase defining the type of facility, e.g. "Nuclear Power Station", "Nuclear Generating Station" etc. Thus, Donald C. Cook Nuclear Generating Station is listed as Cook, Indian Point Energy Center is listed as Indian Point. Davis-Besse has two names, so it gets both names displayed. However, if a plant ever becomes extremely well known by its whole name, code that for the display name. The names are shortened for the convenience of the reader and not for any illicit purpose, e.g. someone looking for the plant in Southern California will look for "San Onofre" not "San Onofrre Nuclear Generating Station." Since the extra information is essentially redundant it really serves no point in including it.

There are no parameters to pass to this macro.

Note: There is no intended "political" agenda with respect to this template, either in favor of nor in opposition to U.S. nuclear power plants. It is intended to list all existing, prior, and future plants having a page on Wikipedia. There is not intended to be any "cherry-picking" or exclusion of these facilities, and if you notice something is missing or wrong you are strongly encouraged to add it to or correct it in, this template.