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Androgenic vs. anabolic activity
of androgens/anabolic steroids

Medication Ratioa
Testosterone 2:1–1:2
Dihydrotestosterone 3:1–1:2
Methyltestosterone ~1:1
Fluoxymesterone 2:1–1:15
Metandienone 2:1–1:8
Drostanolone 1:3
Metenolone 1:2–1:30
Oxymetholone 1:2–1:9
Oxandrolone 1:3–1:13
Stanozolol 2:1–1:30
Nandrolone 1:3–1:16
Ethylestrenol 1:2–1:19
Norethandrolone 1:1–1:20
Notes: In rodents. Footnotes: a = Ratio of androgenic to anabolic activity. Sources: [1]:735[2]
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