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State Highway 123 marker

State Highway 123
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length69.10 mi[1] (111.21 km)
Existedby 1933[1]–present
Major junctions
South end
US 181 / Bus. US 181 / SH 80 in Karnes City
North end I-35 / Loop 82 in San Marcos
Highway system
SH 122SH 124

State Highway 123 is a north–south state highway that extends from Interstate 35 in San Marcos to US 181 in Karnes City. The route was initially proposed in 1927 and has had minimal changes to its routing since then.

Route description[edit]

SH 123 begins at an intersection with US Route 181 just south of Karnes City and proceeds northward along the town's eastern edge. The route intersects the Business Route of US 181 and Texas State Highway 80 as it passes through town. The road continues north through farmlands before reaching an intersection with US Route 87 in Stockdale. The route continues north through ranchlands until Seguin. Reaching Seguin, Texas State Highway 46 begins, peeling off to the northwest toward New Braunfels. SH 123 continues around the eastern edge of Seguin, where it is known locally as "the Bypass", and there it intersects US 90 Alt., US 90, and Interstate 10. The highway continues north, reaching its northern terminus at Interstate 35 in San Marcos.

The route has two business segments: Business 123-B, largely on Austin St, through historic downtown Seguin, and Business 123-D in Karnes City.

Route history[edit]

The route was initially proposed on April 12, 1927 from Stockdale to San Marcos with a proposed extension south to Karnes City.[2] On September 21, 1931, it was rerouted to end in Floresville.[3] On August 4, 1932, it was restored to Karnes City, and the old route was renumbered as SH 168.[4] On November 6, 1934, it was rerouted to Yorktown.[5] On February 16, 1935, its south end was changed back to Karnes City.[6] On November 18, 1938, SH 123 Loop was designated in Karnes City.[7] On September 26, 1939, SH 123 Loop was renumbered as Loop 17. Paving was completed in the mid-1940s.

Major intersections[edit]

Karnes US 181 – Kenedy, Corpus Christi, San Antoniosouth end of US 181 Bus. / SH 80 overlap
Karnes City
Bus. US 181 north
north end of US 181 Bus. overlap
SH 80 north – Helena, Gillettnorth end of SH 80 overlap

Bus. SH 123 south – Karnes City
FM 81 east – Panna Mariasouth end of FM 81 overlap
FM 81 west – Hobsonnorth end of FM 81 overlap
Pawelekville FM 887 – Falls City, Gillett
Wilson FM 541 west – Kosciusko, Poth
FM 1347 – Kosciusko, Denhawken
FM 537 west – Floresville
Stockdale US 87 / SH 97 to SH 119 – Floresville, San Antonio, Nixoninterchange

Bus. US 87 (Main Street) – Stockdale Business District, Pandora, Nixon
FM 3335 east to FM 1107
FM 1681 east – Nixon
Guadalupe FM 477 east
SH 46 north / Bus. SH 123 north – Seguin, New Braunfels
FM 466 (Eastwood Drive) to SH 80 – Seguin

Alt. US 90 (Court Street) – Seguin, Gonzales, Texas Lutheran University, Sebastopol Historical Park
US 90 – Seguin, Luling
I-10 – San Antonio, HoustonI-10 exit 610

Bus. SH 123 south – Seguin
FM 20 east – Fentress
Geronimo FM 2623 east – Fentress
FM 758 west – Barbarosa, New Braunfels Municipal Airport, Central Texas Technology Center
FM 1339 east – Staples
FM 1101 west – New Braunfels
FM 1979 east – Martindale
FM 1978 east – Redwood
HaysSan Marcos FM 110 west
RM 12 north (Wonderworld Drive)
FM 621 east – Staples State Fish Hatchery
I-35 / Loop 82 – San Antonio, Austin
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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