Texas State Highway 39

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State Highway 39 marker

State Highway 39
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length35.3 mi[1] (56.8 km)
Existedbefore 1939–present
Major junctions
West end US 83
East end SH 27 in Ingram
CountiesReal, Kerr
Highway system
SH 38I-40

State Highway 39 (SH 39) is a state highway that runs primarily through the Texas Hill Country primarily in Kerr County.


Historic SH 39

On January 23, 1918, an intercounty highway was designated from Greenville to Decatur.[2] On August 19, 1918, the intercounty highway extended to Cooper.[3] SH 39 was originally proposed on January 21, 1919, as a route stretching from the Oklahoma border north of Paris to New Mexico, partially along an intercounty highway.[4] It was concurrent with SH 19 north of Cooper and with SH 18 west of Brownfield. On August 16, 1920, the section from McKinney to Decatur was cancelled and redesignated as an intercounty highway.[5] On December 19, 1921, the section from McKinney to Decatur was restored.[6] On August 21, 1923, its western terminus was moved to Jacksboro when the route west of Jacksboro had been renumbered as parts of SH 84, SH 18, and SH 24.[7] Construction had begun. The entire route had been renumbered as a part of SH 24 on June 24, 1931.[8] On September 23, 1931, a designation on a proposed route from Medina to just north of Leakey was planned (but not designated yet).[9] On April 6, 1932, the proposed route was officially designated as SH 39.[10] On July 15, 1935, SH 39 was cancelled.[11] On February 18, 1936, it was designated on its present-day route.[12] On July 9, 1970, a proposed extension to I-10 was added, but this has not been constructed.

Junction list[edit]

Real US 83 – Leakey, JunctionWestern terminus
Kerr RM 187 south – Vanderpool, Lost Maples State Natural Area
Hunt FM 1340 north to SH 41
Ingram SH 27 – Kerrville, Mountain HomeEastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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