The Bachelor New Zealand (season 2)

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The Bachelor New Zealand (season 2)
Country of originNew Zealand
No. of episodes19
Original networkTV3
Original releaseMarch 7 (2016-03-07) –
May 10, 2016 (2016-05-10)
Season chronology
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Season 1
Next →
Season 3
Season summary

The second season of The Bachelor New Zealand stars Jordan Mauger, a 32 year old television and film producer.[1] The season contains 23 bachelorettes and premiered on March 7, 2016.


The following is the list of bachelorettes for Season Two:

Name Age Hometown Job Eliminated
Fleur Verhoeven 26 Waipawa Youth worker Winner
Nazanin "Naz" Khanjani 25 Christchurch Landscaper Episode 19
Erin Higgins 26 Auckland Super yacht masseuse Episode 18
Gabrielle Davenport 29 Kerikeri Marketing manager Episode 16
Kate Cameron 28 Auckland Account manager Episode 15
Storm Halkett 24 Fairlie Travel consultant Episode 14
Ceri McVinnie 24 Auckland Early childhood teacher Episode 13
Rebecca Trelease 33 Auckland Retirement village attendant Episode 12
Sarah Wallace 30 Christchurch Hairdresser Episode 11
Shari Flavall 24 Paraparaumu Early childhood teacher Episode 10
Alicia Cowan 26 Te Awamutu File management officer Episode 9
Lara Christie 27 Tauranga Marketing manager Episode 8
Nicole Hunwick 24 Hamilton Veterinarian Quit Episode 8
Danielle McGough 26 Pukekohe Cruise consultant Episode 7
Claudia Conaglen 29 Orewa Model/fashion designer Episode 6
Amanda Higgot 28 Waikanae Nursing student Episode 5
Lindsey Harbour 32 Auckland Doctor Episode 4
Anna Marshall 29 Nelson Nanny Episode 3
Metotisi "Metz" Komiti-Faalavaau 28 Auckland Administrator Quit Episode 3
Catherine Lum 26 Auckland Ambulance customer service Episode 2
Emily Rose 33 Auckland Pilates instructor Episode 1
Freya Jones 26 Christchurch Business administrator Episode 1
Harmony Moki 27 Auckland Jockey Episode 1

Call-out order[edit]

Rank Contestants Episode
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 [a]19
1 Alicia Rebecca Sarah Storm Fleur Lara Rebecca Ceri Fleur Naz Erin Storm Gabrielle Fleur Naz Erin Erin Naz Fleur
2 Amanda Kate Fleur Shari Shari Kate Erin Gabrielle Gabrielle Kate Ceri Kate Erin Erin Gabrielle Fleur Fleur Fleur Naz
3 Anna Amanda Lara Ceri Erin Fleur Storm Lara Sarah Fleur Storm Fleur Ceri Naz Erin Gabrielle Naz Erin
4 Catherine Nicole Nicole Alicia Storm Rebecca Gabrielle Fleur Naz Ceri Naz Gabrielle Storm Kate Kate Naz Gabrielle
5 Ceri Storm Naz Fleur Claudia Ceri Naz Kate Erin Shari Fleur Naz Fleur Storm Fleur Kate
6 Claudia Catherine Anna Nicole Danielle Nicole Sarah Storm Shari Rebecca Kate Ceri Kate Gabrielle Storm
7 Danielle Danielle Storm Erin Lara Storm Kate Rebecca Ceri Erin Sarah Rebecca Naz Ceri
8 Emily Rose Sarah Rebecca Gabrielle Kate Naz Fleur Alicia Storm Storm Rebecca Erin Rebecca
9 Erin Gabrielle Ceri Kate Nicole Sarah Lara Nicole Rebecca Gabrielle Gabrielle Sarah
10 Fleur Fleur Alicia Danielle Alicia Danielle Ceri Naz Alicia Sarah Shari
11 Freya Lindsey Kate Naz Gabrielle Claudia Danielle Shari Kate Alicia
12 Gabrielle Shari Erin Rebecca Rebecca Erin Alicia Erin Lara
13 Harmony Anna Danielle Lindsey Amanda Alicia Nicole Sarah Nicole
14 Kate Metz Amanda Claudia Ceri Shari Shari Danielle
15 Lara Alicia Gabrielle Lara Naz Gabrielle Claudia
16 Lindsey Ceri Lindsey Amanda Sarah Amanda
17 Metz Claudia Claudia Sarah Lindsey
18 Nicole Erin Shari Anna
19 Naz Naz Metz Metz
20 Rebecca Lara Catherine
21 Sarah Emily Rose
22 Shari Freya
23 Storm Harmony
     This contestant won
     This contestant received one of the first impression roses
     This contestant received a rose during the date
     This contestant received a rose outside of a date or the rose ceremony
     This contestant was eliminated
     This contestant quit


Episode 1

The bachelorettes arrived at the mansion and the first rose ceremony took place.

Eliminated: Emily Rose, Freya & Harmony

Episode 2

Single Date: Sarah - Went wakeboarding and had ice-cream atop the Skytower.

Group Date: Fleur, Storm, Anna, Kate, Gabrielle, Erin & Danielle - Played beach volleyball and had a BBQ. Fleur got some one on one time and received a rose.

Eliminated: Catherine

Episode 3

Single Date: Storm - Went kayaking and spent the evening on a yacht.

Group Date: Nicole, Alicia, Anna, Amanda & Naz - Washed dogs and had a water fight. Took Nicole for some one on one time.

Eliminated: Anna

Quit: Metz

Episode 4

Single Date: Shari - Went to the Auckland Art Gallery and toured it alone together and had dinner.

Group Date: Lindsey, Gabrielle, Nicole, Naz, Erin, Lara, Danielle, Alicia, Rebecca, Claudia, Kate & Amanda - Went paintballing. Erin had some one on one time with Jordan.

Eliminated: Lindsey

Episode 5

Group Date: Danielle, Lara, Sarah, Ceri & Gabrielle - Raced Suzuki Swifts around Hampton Downs racetrack. Lara was the fastest and got some one on one time with Jordan and received a rose.

Single Date: Kate - Went horseback riding along the beach and had wine and cheese in a glade where Kate was given a rose.

Eliminated: Amanda

Episode 6

Group Date: Gabrielle, Naz & Claudia - Took a speedboat onto the water and went jetskiing. Gabrielle got some one on one time and she and Jordan got closer.

Single Date: Rebecca - Went on a theme park date at Rainbow's End.

Eliminated: Claudia

Episode 7

The remaining bachelorettes flew with Jordan to Hawaii.

Single Date: Ceri - Strolled along the beach and had a picnic inside when it started to rain. Then Ceri got her dream date of a helicopter ride over Hawaii.

Group Date: Fleur, Sarah, Shari, Alicia, Lara, Storm & Nicole - Split into teams and went catamaran racing. He picked Alicia for some one on one time.

Eliminated: Danielle

Episode 8

Single Date: Fleur - Visited a Hawaiian volcano and had dinner together.

Group Date: Naz, Nicole, Gabrielle, Kate & Erin - Went quad-biking and then zip lining through the Hawaiian jungle. Took Gabrielle for some one on one time.

Quit: Nicole

Eliminated: Lara

Episode 9

Single Date: Naz - Had a flight in a seaplane. Took a speedboat out into the ocean.

Group Date: Sarah, Shari, Storm, Rebecca & Kate - Had a luau.

Eliminated: Alicia

Episode 10

Single Date: Erin - Took a sailboat out into the ocean and went snorkeling. After sunset they watched fireworks.

Group Date: Rebecca, Ceri, Sarah & Gabrielle - Went foraging for their own food in the countryside and had a chef cook for them. Rebecca was taken away for some one on one time.

Eliminated: Shari

Episode 11

Jordan and the bachelorettes head to sunny Brisbane, Australia.

Single Date: Storm - They go into the bush where a luxury tent is set up where they eat and have a couples massage down by the river with lanterns all around.

Group Date: Gabrielle, Kate & Sarah - Went abseiling, where Gabs faced her fear of heights and Sarah refused to partake. Kate was taken for some one on one time where they go kayaking.

Eliminated: Sarah

Episode 12

Single Date: Gabrielle - Took a helicopter to a lodge in the hillside where they had dinner and got cozy in the Jacuzzi.

Group Date - Storm, Fleur, Naz, Kate & Erin - Went horseback riding and corralled cows. Naz got some one on one time with Jordan.

Eliminated: Rebecca

Episode 13

Single Date: Ceri - Took a ride in a classic convertible car, something Jordan is passionate about.

Group Date: Ceri, Naz, Erin, Gabrielle, Kate, Storm & Fleur - Go to Australia Zoo to interact with Australian wildlife. Fleur got some one on one time at the zoo with Jordan.

Eliminated: Ceri

Episode 14

Jordan and the remaining bachelorettes left Brisbane and travelled to the Bay of Islands back in New Zealand.

Single Date: Naz - Hiked up a trail and enjoyed the view together. Watched the sun set and swam and the ocean.

Group Date: Gabrielle, Kate & Fleur - Went kayaking together and ended the paddle with a view of a beautiful waterfall. Gabrielle was taken for some one on one time with Jordan.

Eliminated: Storm

Episode 15

Single date: Kate - Kate and Jordan enjoyed a pub lunch together followed by paragliding.

Group Date: Naz, Erin & Fleur - Heading out on a tall ship together. Fleur was taken for some one on one time with Jordan.

Eliminated: Kate

Episode 16

Single date: Erin

Group Date: Naz & Gabrielle - Biking. Each got some one on one time with Jordan

Eliminated: Gabrielle


  1. ^ There was no rose ceremony in episode 17.


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