The Cat and the Fiddle (Batman)

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"The Cat and the Fiddle"
Batman episode
Episode no.Season 2
Episode 37
Directed byDon Weis
Written byStanley Ralph Ross
Production code9706-Pt. 2
Original air dateSeptember 15, 1966 (ABC)
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Hot Off the Griddle"
Next →
"The Minstrel's Shakedown"

The Cat and the Fiddle is the 38th episode of the 1960s Batman television series. It guest starred Julie Newmar as The Catwoman.


Batman and Robin barely escape from their hot ordeal and track Catwoman's next step. Catwoman disguises herself as a wealthy recluse - Minerva Matthews - to exchange a quarter million dollars each for two Stradivarius violins. Once the instruments are safely in her hands, the villain reveals her true identity and demands the cash back. But Catwoman is surprised to learn that her business partner - Zubin Zucchini - is also not who he appears to be - Robin The Boy wonder. When Batman saves Catwoman from falling to her death from the 102-story Gotham State Building, she asks Batman if he's spoken for. "Why...Batman, are you blushing?"


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