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The Incredible Hulks volume 2 #1, cover dated 21st May 2014

The Incredible Hulks was a monthly comic book series published in the United Kingdom by Panini Comics as part of their Marvel 'Collector's Edition' line, featuring reprints of Marvel Comics from the United States.[1] It began publication in April 2012, replacing Panini's defunct Fantastic Four Adventures series. The first volume ended in April 2014 after 27 issues, with a second volume beginning the following month. Volume 3 began in August 2016. The series was replaced in 2017.

Each issue typically features three stories, each of which revolves around characters such as The Incredible Hulk, She-Hulk, Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, Lyra, Skaar and A-Bomb among others.


Each issue of The Incredible Hulks had 76 pages, including a contents page and a letters page. It typically featured 4 pages of advertisements. All ads were for Marvel-related merchandise. The covers were printed on thick cardstock. A typical issue featured reprints of three recent Hulk-related stories per issue. Occasionally, a 100-page special was published with four or five stories. It was cancelled in 2017 and was replaced with Deadpool Unleashed.

Printed material[edit]

The Incredible Hulks reprinted material from the following US publications:

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