The Neck (British Columbia)

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The Neck
Highest point
Elevation1,830 m (6,000 ft)
Coordinates57°40′N 130°35′W / 57.67°N 130.58°W / 57.67; -130.58
LocationBritish Columbia, Canada
Age of rockPleistocene
Mountain typeVolcanic plug
Volcanic arc/beltNorthern Cordilleran Volcanic Province
Last eruptionPleistocene

The Neck is a mountain in northwestern British Columbia, Canada, located in Mount Edziza Provincial Park. It is a volcanic feature of the Northern Cordilleran Volcanic Province that formed in the past 1.6 million years of the Pleistocene epoch.[1]

The Neck gets its name for the type of volcanic feature it is called a volcanic plug or a volcanic neck. These volcanic landforms are created when magma hardens within a vent on an active volcano. If a plug is preserved, erosion may remove the surrounding rock while the erosion-resistant plug remains, producing a distinctive landform.

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