The Other Russia (party)

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The Other Russia

Другая Россия
PresidentEduard Limonov
Co-chairmanAleksandr Averin
Andrei Dmitriyev[1][2][3]
Aleksey Volynets
SpokespersonLioubov Chatokhina[4]
Founded10 July 2010
Preceded byNational Bolshevik Party
HeadquartersMoscow, Russia
NewspaperTotal Mobilization
Armed wingInterbrigades [ru] (Donbass)
Membership52,000 (claimed)[5]
IdeologyNational Bolshevism
Revolutionary socialism
Left-wing nationalism[2][3][4]
Left-wing populism
Direct democracy
Political positionFar-left[1][2][3][4]
Colors     Red
Slogan"Russia is everything, the rest is nothing!"
"Nation! Homeland! Socialism!"

The Other Russia (Russian: Другая Россия, romanizedDrugaya Rossiya) is a non-registered Russian political party founded on July 10, 2010.



The Other Russia was established on 10 July 2010 by members of the National Bolshevik Party during their congress in Moscow.[6] On 21 January 2011, The Other Russia was denied registration by the Federal Registration Service because they did not have enough popular support among the Russian people.[7]


Party flag of The Other Russia in Donetsk, Ukraine during a pro-Russian unrest in April 2014

In 2010, three members of the party were arrested and beaten for their role in the Manezhnaya Square riots.[8] These arrests were flagged by human rights organizations as politically motivated by the member's involvement in The Other Russia.[9][10]

Since 2014, National Bolsheviks members of The Other Russia participated in pro-Russian unrest in Donbass.[11][12] Members of the party formed armed troops Interbrigades [ru] and two members of The Other Russia were killed during the War in Donbass[13][14][15]

On 6 November 2017, several party's activists were arrested in Saint Petersburg for unauthorized protest as they commemorated the Bolshevik Revolution centenary.[16]

On 7 February 2018, Kirill Ananiev, a veteran member of the banned National Bolshevik Party and The Other Russia, was killed in the air strikes during the Battle of Khasham.[17][18]

On 22 September 2018, the special congress of the Other Russia party was held in Moscow. Eduard Limonov and another leaders gave their speeches. The congress was attended by delegates from regional branches of the party. Beness Aijo participated as representative of the armed forces of Novorossiya.[19][20]

During the International Security Exhibition in Moscow on 26 October 2018, The Other Russia activist Olga Shalina cut her veins in act of symbolic protest against human rights violations in Russian penitentiary system. Shalina spoke about conditions in Russian prisons and spread leaflets criticizing police, shouting "Freedom for prisoners!".[21][22][23]


Former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov said The Other Russia "united national-bolsheviks, nationalists, liberals, social-democrats, and socialists", adding that "there are no parties similar to that one anywhere in the world".[24]

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