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Youth Business International (YBI) is a global network of expert organisations in over 50 countries supporting underserved young people to turn their ideas into successful businesses, creating jobs and strengthening communities.

YBI’s vision is that youth entrepreneurship is recognised for driving sustainable economic development, and that all young people who want to set up a business are able to fulfil their potential.

YBI’s mission is to enable more underserved young entrepreneurs to access the support they need to start, grow and sustain their businesses, helping them to create jobs, build communities and transform lives.

Young people are critical to future economic development and key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. However, with 66 million young people currently unemployed worldwide and 145 million young workers living in poverty, this potential is not being realised. Furthermore, of those that are working, many do not earn enough to lift themselves out of poverty. Without secure employment, a young person cannot save and invest in education, healthcare and better housing. Without a degree of stability, they will be unable to take the long-term view and plan for better outcomes in the future.

Addressing the youth employment crisis is imperative, not only for the well-being of young people but also to ensure sustainable, inclusive growth and social cohesion globally. Empowering young people to succeed in running their own businesses is part of the solution. Young entrepreneurs create new jobs and shape local economies.

Young people equipped with entrepreneurship skills are better able to navigate the challenges of today’s rapidly changing job market.


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