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The RaiderCast is a weekly podcast launched in 2005 dedicated to the Oakland Raiders. It airs every Friday at 7:00 p.m. Pacific time on or can be seen on[1] It has aired over 150 episodes. During the shows live broadcast fans of the show can interact with the hosts Dave and John via internet chat room.

Typical broadcast[edit]

If the previous week's game was a home game for the Raiders, Dave, Shawn, and John play interviews recorded during the tailgating party before and sometimes after the game. This often includes interviews with well-known fans, chatroom/viewers, and players.

Dave and John will then discuss the positives and the negatives from the previous weeks game (win or lose). This part of the show is referred to as "The Good and the Bad". They will offer their analysis and suggest what they feel the Raiders should have done.

Raider News, the next segment, consists of an update of player transactions that the Raiders completed over the last week. This includes the signing and releasing of players, placing of players on injured reserve, benching of players, injury updates, charitable work being done by players and or management, and anything else the Raiders have released to the press. Dave and John then discuss the news with interaction from the fans who are there live in the Chat Room. Dave often reads the chat room type on air.

Raider News is followed by predictions for the next week's game. John and Dave voice their opinions about how the Raiders should play and offer their "Keys to the Game".

Next is a break with a song about the Raiders is played. Bands featured include Raiderhed, My Hairy Brother, and Silver and Blackout.

During the next segment the voice mails and e-mails received are read on the air.

After this Dave and John thank the listeners for joining the show and end with thanking the troops for fighting for America's freedom, a tradition that started when Dave's son was doing a tour of duty in Iraq.


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