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The Tofus
The Tofus
From left to right: Mom, Lola, and Chichi, with Curly the sheep in the background.
Created by
  • Fabrice de Costil
  • Bertrand Victor
Directed byBruno Bianchi
Voices of
Country of origin
  • France
  • Canada
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes26 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Olivier Dumont
  • Jacques Pettigrew
  • Jacqueline Tordjman
  • Michel Lemire
  • Bruno Bianchi
  • Danielle Marleau
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)
DistributorBuena Vista International Television
Original network
Original releaseSeptember 6, 2004 (2004-09-06)[1][2] –
February 13, 2005 (2005-02-13)[2]

The Tofus (French: Les Tofou) is a French-Canadian animated sitcom created by Fabrice de Costil and Bertrand Victor. The animated series is a satirical parody of the environmentalist lifestyle epitomized by its title family, which consists of Mom, Pop, Chichi, Lola, and Buba. The show is set in the fictional town of Beauvillage, and lampoons many aspects of the environmental movement, including environmental organizations, animal rights, and pacifism.

Since its debut on September 6, 2004 on Teletoon in Canada,[1] the program has aired twenty-six episodes over two seasons.


The Tofus was co-produced by SIP Animation and CinéGroupe.[3][4] It was directed by Bruno Bianchi, and produced by Bianchi and Danielle Marleau with the assistance of several other executive producers out of Maple Pictures Corp.,[5] and scripted by twenty-six writers, including series creators Fabrice de Costil and Bertrand Victor. All the scripts were story edited by Florence Sandis in charge of the script directing. Original music was composed by Alain Garcia and Noam Kaniel.[6]

Each episode of The Tofus was budgeted at US$230,000,[7] and each thirty-minute time block was divided into two fifteen minute-long episodes. Production of the show began one year before it was incorporated into Teletoon's schedule.[5] In addition to Teletoon Canada, SIP Animation also presold the series to the France 3, CITV, and Fox Kids Europe networks.[7]

The first episode of France 3's French-language version of The Tofus premiered on January 3, 2005.[6] As Fox Kids was sold to The Walt Disney Company in 2002, the program was broadcast under the new brand Jetix when it arrived in other European countries in 2006.

There were five main cast members who voiced The Tofus. Aaron Grunfeld performed the voice of Chichi, while Brigid Tierney performed the voice of Lola. Maria Bircher played Mum, Marcel Jeannin voiced Pop, and Sonja Ball took the role of Buba. Additional voices were provided by Daniel Brochu, Harry Standjofski, Pauline Little, Jason Szwimmer, Kayla Grunfeld, Michael Yarmush, and Jesse Vinet. Script direction was overseen by Florence Sandis.


Environmental activists Mom and Pop Tofu, concerned that their family is suffocating from urban routine, decide to move to a farmhouse in the town of Beauvillage and embrace a more natural way of life, much to the horror of their pre-teen children, Chichi and Lola. They would rather watch TV and go shopping than amuse themselves with Grandma Buba's animals: Cracker the Rooster, Curly the Sheep, and Suzie the Goat. The siblings must cope with their parents' ecology-friendly world vision and the humiliation that results from their efforts to encourage others to protect the environment.

The neighborhood that the family settles in is filled with electronically able individuals, contrasting the Tofus' all-organic lifestyle. Unlike her mechanical-genius brother Chichi–who believes in peace within the family–Lola is more cynical and averse to being deemed oddballs in their new home. She occupies herself with her attraction to Billy Hubbub, the boy next door, despite his parents objections.



Meek but smart. Has a crush on a local teen named Candy. Good friends with Candy and Phil.


Loyal to her brother, best friends with Lily. Has a crush on her neighbor, Billy Hubbub.


She's a zen mother trying to keep her house in line.


He's considered oblivious a lot of the time which ends up proving false since he's usually fairly early in discovering what's going on in his house. He is also something of a handy-man, as he is often seen inventing machines made of environmentally friendly material, or otherwise run on clean fuel.


Lola and Chichi's grandmother. She's the one who grew up in the farm land and it's the life she knows.


She is a girl who often hangs around the Tofu household. Since her parents work in the emergency ward, she is often left lonely and so grew attached to the more attentive and sincere Tofus. She also developed a quick attraction to Chichi, giving him pet names like 'Chichi honey-bun.'

William "Billy" Hubbub

Son of Tidus and Beth Hubbub, he's Lola's next door neighbour and biggest all-time crush. The only real thing keeping him from pursuing her is disrupting the families, who will often determine that they don't want the polluter's and the biodegraded's kids together.

Tidus Hubbub

Master of Alarms, Tidus is Billy's father and number one hater of the Tofu family. He is also their next-door neighbour.

Elizabeth "Beth" Hubbub

She runs the restaurant Burger Palace and this tends to cause a lot of conflict between the families since the Tofus don't like that she uses artificial ingredients.

Phillip "Phil"

The neighbour on the other side of the Tofu household. He is Chichi's best friend and confidant.

Lillian "Lily"

Lola's best friend and confidant. She is a bit quirky, being a hopeless romantic and a boatload of advice.


Lola's rival and the queen bee of her school.

Nicolas "Nick"

Chichi's rival. The leader of the team of the bullies at Beauvillage.

Susan "Suzie", Cottontail "Kerli", Cracker

Buba's farm animals. Suzie is a goat. Suzie likes to eat everything and accidentally destroys it. Curly is a sheep with a lot of hair. Cracker is a rooster.


The Tofus was generally well received by viewers. It has been called "a modern gloss on the classic family sitcom [that] aptly skewers the granola-munching righteousness of the eco-hippie archetype,"[7] and has been commended for its use of ecology as a unique background theme.[3] The Tofus also received top audience ratings among the France 3 Youth Programs in 2005.[3]


Season 1: 2004[edit]

Ep# Title
1a–1b"That Fashion Itch / Chichi the Speedster"

That Fashion Itch: Lola is forced to wear a dress knitted by Buba to school, just as she tries to get invited to rock concert with Billy.

Chichi the Speedster:Chichi enters a mini-car race, but is pressured by his parents into building an ecologically-sound vehicle.
2a–2b"Hey, Who Turned Out the Lights? / Getting the Hang of Yang"

Hey, Who Turned Out the Lights?: Kids at school become hooked on playing a video-game called Blast-Masters. Chichi tries to play it, but the power keeps going out from a lack of wind.

Getting the Hang of Yang: Lola competes with rival Cherie for a leading part in the annual school play.
3a–3b"Strictly for the Birds / Rooster Crime Watch"

Strictly for the Birds: Chichi is accused of stealing a CD player from a store.

Rooster Crime Watch: Titus Hubbub prohibits the Tofus from coming to his upcoming garden party after being attacked by Cracker.
4a–4b"Tough Guys Can Cry / Lovesick"

Tough Guys Can Cry: Chichi and class bully Nick enter into a feud while Buba prepares Curly for a contest.

Lovesick: Lola is depressed when Billy's family leaves Beauvillage. So the family tries to help her feel better.
5a–5b"The Tofu Zoo / Running Away at Christmas Time"

The Tofu Zoo: Lola and Lily get into a fight with one another.

Running Away at Christmas Time: Lola runs away from home on account of her parents' inability to have an ordinary Christmas.
6a–6b"Prime-Time Panic / Crying Over Spilled Milk"

Prime-Time Panic: The Tofus are invited to appear on a TV show that ridicules their environmentalist lifestyle.

Crying Over Spilled Milk: Chichi sells goat's milk to students wanting good grades on their tests.
7a–7b"This'll Make a Man Out of You, Son / Kidnapping"

This'll Make a Man Out of You, Son: Chichi goes on a survival mission in the forest to "become a man".

Kidnapping: Accused, the Tofus investigate the theft of Titus Hubbub's garden gnomes.
8a–8b"Just Call Me April Tofu / The Greening of Burger Palace"

Just Call Me April Tofu: April "breaks up" with her parents to get adopted by the Tofus.

The Greening of Burger Palace: The Burger Palace fast-food restaurant is approached by demonstrators, who turn it into the site of a sit-in.
9a–9b"A Star is Almost Born / Extreme Bio-Babble"

A Star is Almost Born: Chichi starts a radio station.

Extreme Bio-Babble: An environmental guru named Master Biozen stays at the Tofu residence.
10a–10b"Urban Jungle / The Visit of the Great Oneness"

Urban Jungle: Mom and Pop consider moving back to the city.

The Visit of the Great Oneness: Chichi claims to have met an alien known as the "Great Oneness".
11a–11b"The Wrong Rite of Spring / Downhill Competition"

The Wrong Rite of Spring: Lola throws a party while her parents are out of the house.

Downhill Competition: A school ski trip is interrupted by the Tofu parents' demonstration against deforestation.
12a–12b"Locked In / A Whale of a Valentine's Day"

Locked In: Lola and Billy are locked in the Hubbubs' house due to an alarm malfunction.

A Whale of a Valentine's Day: Lola seeks to reunite Lily and her true love, Christian.
13a–13b"That's What I Call Hubbub! / Microchip vs. Macrosheep"

That's What I Call Hubbub!: Titus Hubbub petitions for the Tofu family's removal from the neighborhood.

Microchip vs. Macrosheep: Lola works on a school project with Buba's twin sister, Ramona.

Season 2: 2005[edit]

Ep# Title
14a–14b"The Beast of Beauvillage / Chichi the Speedster"

The Beast of Beauvillage: A dangerous wolf is on the prowl in the hills outside Beauvillage, frightening residents.

Chichi the Speedster: Chichi enters a mini-car race, but is pressured by his parents into building an ecologically-sound vehicle.
15a–15b"Tomato Blackmail / Hubbubmobile"

Tomato Blackmail: Buba produces a new delicious breed of organic tomato.

Hubbubmobile: Lola hides in the Hubbubs' new camping car to go on a picnic with Billy, but the car is hijacked.
16a–16b"School Dinner Blues / Buba's Ark"

School Dinner Blues: Mom replaces the Head Cook in the school cafeteria.

Buba's Ark: A rain storm forces the Hubbubs to lodge with the Tofus.
17a–17b"Secret Agent Tofu X-08 / The Pebble of Mount Uluru"

Secret Agent Tofu X-08: Chichi and Phil become secret agents.

The Pebble of Mount Uluru: Mom discovers a stone said to have healing powers.
18a–18b"Sacked / Chichi's Big Splash"

Sacked: Pop is fired from his job for a mistake made by Chichi.

Chichi's Big Splash: Chichi wins a contest at Beauvillage Aqua-Park.
19a–19b"Fried Gift Inside / Cash and Trash"

Fried Gift Inside: Lola gets a job working at the Burger Palace to pay for her mother's birthday gift.

Cash and Trash: Pop and Mom volunteer as trash collectors while Beauvillage's regulars are on strike.
20a–20b"The Great Escape / Lemon Confidential"

The Great Escape: The Tofus rescue circus animals they believe are being held illegally.

Lemon Confidential: Mom prints an ecology newsletter on Lola's diary pages, which were written with invisible ink.
21a–21b"The Revenge of the Pumpkins / All Tyred Out"

The Revenge of the Pumpkins: Billy holds a Halloween party.

All Tyred Out: The Tofu parents embark on a rubber-recycling project.
22a–22b"When Worms Attack / Cauliflower is Wasted on the Young"

When Worms Attack: Rare worms are unleashed upon the town during a gardening competition.

Cauliflower is Wasted on the Young: Chichi and Lola play a prank on the neighbors by convincing them that their grandmother's great-niece Gertrude is a younger version of Buba after having eaten cauliflower from the Tofus' garden.
23a–23b"Zen Blowpipe / Lights, Camera, Goats!"

Zen Blowpipe: Chichi gets into trouble for supposedly cheating in class.

Lights, Camera, Goats!: Upon learning that the goat is considered sacred to some cultures, the Tofus begin treating Suzie like a goddess.
24a–24b"Just Who Are You, Pop? / Operation Biorhythm"

Just Who Are You, Pop?: Pop suffers amnesia after a blow to the head.

Operation Biorythm: The Tofu parents urge their children to respect other peoples' biorhythms.
25a–25b"Out, Out, Fake Spot! / The Treasure of the Beauvillage River"

Out, Out, Fake Spot!: Chichi fakes illness to avoid taking a math test.

The Treasure of the Beauvillage River: Chichi and Phil go on a treasure hunt. Meanwhile, a new form of algae has been proliferating there, thus depriving the eels in the river of oxygen.
26a–26b"Megacity Kids Go Tofu / A Hair-Raising Model Shoot"

Megacity Kids Go Tofu: Students from a large city, Megacity, lodge with Beauvillage residents for a student exchange program.

A Hair-Raising Model Shoot: Chichi and Lola trick their mother into allowing Lola to appear in an egg shampoo commercial.

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