Theatre Building Chicago

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Theatre Building Chicago
Tbc logo.gif
Address1225 West Belmont Avenue
 United States
Coordinates41°56′22″N 87°39′36″W / 41.93951°N 87.660017°W / 41.93951; -87.660017
Closed2010/ 2012
ArchitectCrombie Taylor

The Theatre Building Chicago is the former name of a theater building located in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood. The Theatre Building Chicago once referred to both the three theatres that reside in the space, as well as the producing organization that resided on the premises. The building was sold to Stage 773 in 2010.[1] The producing organization was later rebranded as Chicago Muse and folded in 2012.[2]


In its lifetime, Theatre Building Chicago hosted over 800 plays; 9,000 events; 500 theatre companies; 1,078,000 audience members; 29,400 actors, designers, directors and other theatre artists appearing in over 25,000 performances.

Many theatre companies the Theatre Building Chicago as a space for one long-running play, but In 1988 TBC initiated “United Stages at Theatre Building” in response to several companies’ requesting a seasonal home base rather than a spot for a single show. Six companies comprised United Stages: Absolute Theatre Company, American Blues Theater, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Commons Theatre, Immediate Theatre and Touchstone Theatre. “United Stages at Theatre Building” lasted through the 1989 and 1990 seasons.

In 1997 the Illinois Theatre Association honored the Theatre Building Chicago with an Outstanding Contribution Award for twenty years of service.

Other notable companies that TBC hosted: Bailiwick Repertory Theatre, Chicago Theatre Project, Emerald City Theatre, Famous Door Theatre Company, Griffin Theatre Company, Porchlight Music Theatre, and Provision Theatre.

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