Thenmala Dam

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Thenmala Dam
Thenmala dam.jpg
Thenmala Dam
Thenmala Dam is located in India
Thenmala Dam
Location of Thenmala Dam in India
Thenmala Dam is located in Kerala
Thenmala Dam
Thenmala Dam (Kerala)
Thenmala Dam is located in Tamil Nadu
Thenmala Dam
Thenmala Dam (Tamil Nadu)
Official nameKallada dam
LocationThenmala, Kollam, Kerala
Coordinates8°57′14″N 77°4′11″E / 8.95389°N 77.06972°E / 8.95389; 77.06972Coordinates: 8°57′14″N 77°4′11″E / 8.95389°N 77.06972°E / 8.95389; 77.06972
Opening date1986
Dam and spillways
Spillway typeOgee with radial gate auxiliiary- Labyrinth
Total capacity524,000,000 m3 (424,814 acre⋅ft)
Maximum Water Level
115.82 metres, 380.0 ft
Active capacity507,000,000 m3 (411,032 acre⋅ft)
Catchment area549 km2 (212 sq mi)
Surface area23 km2 (9 sq mi)

The Thenmala dam is the second largest irrigation project in Kerala, India. It impounds the longest reservoir in the state and water from the reservoir is also used for power generation.

The dam was started in 1961 under the Kallada Irrigation and Tree Crop development project with an original cost of Rs. 13.28 crores. The revised estimate of Rs. 728 crores at the 1999 schedule of rates made the cost escalation to be reported at 5,356 per cent. The ayacut[1] targeted was 61630 hectares (net) and 92800 hectares (gross).[2] Though the project was targeted for completion, and priority in allocation was given during Ninth Plan, it could not be completed and commissioned fully.[3]

It is now a centre of attraction at Thenmala and an ecotourism destination, with boating available on the reservoir, which is bordered on both sides by the Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary.[4]

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