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Thirumullavaram beach
Thirumullavaram beach
Thirumullavarum is located in Kollam
Location in Kollam, India
Thirumullavarum is located in Kerala
Thirumullavarum (Kerala)
Coordinates: 8°54′09″N 76°33′40″E / 8.9026254°N 76.5611052°E / 8.9026254; 76.5611052Coordinates: 8°54′09″N 76°33′40″E / 8.9026254°N 76.5611052°E / 8.9026254; 76.5611052
Country India
 • Total4,115
 • OfficialMalayalam, English
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code0474
Vehicle registrationKL-
Nearest cityKollam
Lok Sabha constituencyKollam
Vidhan Sabha constituencyKollam

Thirumullavaram is a part of Kollam UA in the state of Kerala, a state in south India. It is situated 6 km north of the city of Kollam. It is best known for a calm beach safe for swimming. Discovery Channel has selected Thirumullavaram beach as one of the 10 beautiful beaches in the world.[1]


The place got its name from "Thirumallanmar", the bodyguards of the erstwhile King of Travancore - Sri Marthanda Varma. Thirumullavarum, because of its scenic beauty, was one of the places where the King used to spend his leisure time. Another etymology says that, this place got the name in "THRETHAYUGA". SEETHA DEVI brought the MULLAPOO which were in his hair, due to give signale for Sreerama, by the time of the journey to Lanka by PUSHPAKA VIMANA under Ravana's custody. The MULLAPOO drop this place. So this place got THIRUMULLAVARAM


The major landmark of Thirumullavarum is the Sri Maha Vishnu Swamy temple. There is a temple pond behind the temple, few feet away from the Arabian sea. During the Karkadaka Vaavu season - Malayalam era (July–August), more than 6 lakhs offer oblation to the manes every year to pray for their dear departed on the new moon day in the month of in Thirumullavarum beach.[2][3][4] 'Thirumullavaram fete' is another program which is annually held there as part of the 10-day THIRUVONA MAHOTHSAVAM @ March or April celebrations. The traditional flag hoisting ritual will be held.[5] The beach is immensely popular owing to the name from the Vishnu temple close to it. Folklore has it that the temple was one of the seven established by Parasuram who raised Kerala from the sea. Discovery Channel has selected Thirumullavaram beach as one of the 10 beautiful beaches in the world.[6]

The Temple administrative committee provide dinner for devotes every day. Now the copper covering work at the Temple is progressed. The beach is clean, refreshing and scenic, close to the Kollam city. It is 6 km from the Kollam railway station and 2 km from the Thangasseri harbour.


There is one lower primary school and one high school in Thirumullavarum.

2004 Tsunami[edit]

On 26 December 2004, the world witnessed the devastating power of tsunami, affecting many countries, bordering the Indian Ocean region. This has caused significant changes in the shallow and intertidal regions of the Indian coast, especially the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Pondicherry. Many locals crowded near the beach once the sea water retreated. As they were watching the giant waves came back with force within ten to fifteen minutes. The wall of the temple pond was damaged partially. A photographer who was standing on the wall escaped narrowly from getting hurt. Apart from that no major damages were there.


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