Thomas Rushhook

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Thomas Rushhook
Bishop of Breifne (Kilmore)
In officec. 1388–c. 1392
SuccessorSean o Raighilligh
Personal details
Diedc. 1392
Previous postBishop of Llandaff
Bishop of Chichester
Archdeacon of St. Asaph

Thomas Rushhook[a] (died c. 1392) was an English Dominican, bishop and chaplain[1] to Richard II of England.

Rushhook was Provincial of the Dominican Order in England 1373 to 1382, being deposed at one point.[2] He was Archdeacon of St Asaph 1382-3,[3] bishop of Llandaff on 16 January 1383,[4] and then was transferred to be bishop of Chichester on 16 October 1385.[5]

A supporter of Richard II, Rushhook was impeached in 1388.[6] Subsequently he was in Ireland, as bishop of Breifne (Kilmore), where he died about 1392.[7]


  1. ^ Also known as Thomas Rushook, Thomas Rushock, Thomas Rushooke, Thomas Russhock or Thomas Vichor


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Rodger Cradock
Bishop of Llandaff
Succeeded by
William of Bottesham
Preceded by
William Reade
Bishop of Chichester
Succeeded by
Richard Mitford
Preceded by
Bishop of Breifne (Kilmore)
c. 1388 – c. 1392
Succeeded by
Sean o Raighilligh